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I Met David Bowie

by Antoine Poncelet

I am only a 16 year old David Bowie fan and I have adored the man since I saw him in Labyrinth in 1986. Ever since he has continuously captivated me. ( Well, it could have also been those tights! ) During the summer of 1995, it was announced that David Bowie tickets would be on sale soon. I was never allowed to see David before this time, and I was finally old enough to go see concerts, so this would be my first time seeing David live other than off of his videos.

I live in New Jersey and he was playing at the Meadowlands Arena the day after his amazing record 1. Outside came out in stores. I found that strange that he wouldn't let his fans take a breath after listening to the record and seeing him in concert.

The time leading up until the concert was to be a strange one. First one day I was walking down a clean street and the one piece of litter was a page out of a newspaper rolling around. I paid no mind to it until it wrapped around my leg. I picked it up and there was a picture of David and a review of the concert he did at the Camden Arts Center. The following week I was on a train and I sat down on a newspaper article reviewing 1. Outside. If this wasn't strange, what could have been? I'll tell you! I was playing lacrosse in gym class, when I faded out into my imagination as I sang Buddha of Suburbia to myself. I looked up and the ball was coming straight at me. I tried to block it, but it his me right in the eye. I was sent to the nurse. She gasped when she saw me. She quickly filled a bag with ice and put it up to my eye. The other students in the infirmary gave me looks of disgust as they passed me by. I threw the ice down and looked in the mirror. As it turned out I had David Bowie pupils! I was so excited! The nurse forced me to put the ice pack back on, but i wanted my eyes to stay the way they were. Unfortunately my pupils went back to their normal size.

The day before the concert arrived and it was just another day until I heard on the radio that David would be in New York signing records in the new HMV for the first time! I died. I forced my dad to take me into the city and I waited hours on line and in the pouring cold rain with my vinyl copies of Lodger and Aladdin Sane. It was all worth it. I was one of the last people allowed into the store to meet David. I wanted to cry or throw up when I saw his beautiful head across the room smiling and signing records. I was so scared and in awe of his presence. When I finally approached him I muttered something along the lines of "I love you, you are my idol, you are the best, thank you so much for saving my life, blah blah blah." He shook my hand with his iron grip, smiled, and said, "Thank you." It wasn't really anything, but I melted on the spot. Security almost had to scoop me up and push me pack out into the pouring rain, but my dad did it first.

My luck with David did not end there. Almost a year later on September 14 in New York City, David played the last of his string of ballroom shows. During the same summer I had met Robert Smith of the Cure and Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, but that's besides the point. Well, on the 14 I wanted to be early to the show for two reasons. First being to be able to get in early, but I had hopes of meeting David again. This time around, I wanted to be able to give him a kiss on the cheek. That's all I wanted out of life. If I accomplished this goal, I could have died the next minute and nothing would have mattered.

To make this long story a little shorter, I waited in the back of the Roseland for David. To my suprise I was able to meet the entire band before they walked in to do their soundcheck. I was the last person before they walked into the ballroom, so I shook each of their hands and told them all how great they are. I got Reeves to sign my copy of 1. Outside too! (I play guitar, and he is in my opinion David's best lead guitarist. Carlos is the rhythm god!)

Anyway, when David arrived with CoCo, my intestines shrunk again. I was able to snap a picture of him ( see Bowiegrrrl's article for the picture.) He seemed to glow and shine. He must have really great karma! I shook his hand again and had him sign 1. Outside too, but I didn't have the courage to ask for a kiss from him. So, you see, I must go on living until I meet David again......

By the way, the ballroom show was and probably will be the best concert I will ever see! David was great, the place was small, most people were Bowie fans, and I was in the third row!!!!!!!! In conclusion, I just want to thank David for all he has done and continues to do. God bless David Bowie!

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