Teenage Wildlife


by BowieGrrrl

My bowiefriend and I waited by the back entrance of the Roseland in NY for David. When he showed up, there was only a handful of fans there. Everyone had pushed ahead of me so I peeped from the crowd and said in my most polite voice thinking that he probably wouldnt hear me anyway with my luck," Mr.Bowie, will you sign my shirt." He was wearing glasses but he arched one eyebrow provocatively and said that he would. He signed the bottom of my custom made Bowie shirt. I asked him if he read the newsgroup and he said that he kept up with everything that goes on there. I told him I was BowieGrrrl and he said," Hello BowieGrrrl." I was so stunned by the whole incident that my mind was a blur. All of my senses melted into one and I can't remember what he looked like from so close.

-- from BowieGrrrl
-- photo by Antoine Poncelet

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