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Stink ON Shit

By Pierce Brown
Email: Pierce.Brown@cbr.defence.gov.au

My story starts in Sydney on the 14th of November 1987 and myself and a friend arrived at the Sydney Entertainment Centre after travelling by bus from Canberra for Bowie's 'Glass Spider' extravaganza. As we had already purchased the tickets (it was only 3:00pm) we were at a loose end as to what to do. As we were wandering around the Entertainment Centre I could hear music booming from inside the Centre, and as I shuffled nearer the front row door entrance I could make out Bowie music, Glass Spider to be specific.

At first I thought it was just a tape but as I listened more carefully it sounded live and I then realised it was the soundcheck for that nights show. There didn't seem to be any security around in quite a secure arena so we walked in.

What we saw from the first or second row in this 12,000 seat arena was Carlos Alomar, Peter Frampton and the whole band playing under the giant "Glass Spider"....but where was Bowie?

We could hear his booming vocal but could not see him. Then slowly he was lowered on a suspended chair wearing jeans and a t-shirt speaking the opening words of 'Glass Spider'. They crashed into the first verse and Bowie opened up vocally. He seemed a little self-conscious and the band stopped once or twice while Bowie vented his spleen about the ventilator blowing at the front of the stage. Meanwhile we are standing 5 meters from The Man.

Bowie looked at us and seemed a little disturbed, but carried on regardless. A pissed-off security guard then approached us (he looked like Mr T) and questioned us as to whether or not we were going to the show tonight. We said 'yes' and he said 'well, enjoy the show' and asked us to leave. We asked if we could meet Bowie or just go up onto the stage and say 'Hi'. Mr T said if we did that security guards would be on us like 'stink on shit' so we decided to leave.

It was unfortunate we didn't get to meet The Great Man but we went to the show later that night and had a blast.

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