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How I met David Bowie

by Eric Slim
Email: e.a.slim@wxs.nl

This is my story how I met Bowie in person.

It happened last January, after his concert in Utrecht, the Netherlands. After the concert my wife, her sister and I walked at the back of the 'Oranjehal' were the concert was taken and waited to see a glimp of him. Besides our three there were only three or four persons more waiting.

After 10 minutes a big touringcar drove out of the hal and away from it. We did not had a change to look inside it, but we were sure that Bowie was in it and that we would not see him. After the touringcar three persons walked out of the hall. One of them told us that Bowie was in the touringcar. He saw that we were very disappointed about it and then he told us that he would give us a hint; he told us that Bowie was spending the night in the Golden Tulip hotel in Amsterdam (about 50 kilometers from Utrecht).

This was our second change! We had no idea were this Golden Tulip hotel was in Amsterdam but I supposed that we would drive faster than the touringcar, so I had only the track him down on the highway and follow it to the hotel. This was a great (and simple) plan but it did not work because we came in a queue/file. It looked like they had all seen the concert. After 40 minutes we arrived in Amsterdam and we had not seen the touringcar again. This hotel could have been nearby the airport, nearby the highway or in the centre of A'dam. I guessed he would be in the middle of Amsterdam. After we arrived in the centre of A'dam I drove aimless through a few streets; we all three were looking if we could see a sighn about the Golden Tulip hotel but we didn't. When I came at the central station I first passed at the left but we also didn't see one hotel, so I turned and drove to the other side. And then we drove along the touringcar, who was parked before a hotel that had another name (later we found out that this hotel was attached to the Golden Tulip organisation). I parked my car right in front of the bus and we jumped out of it.

I saw Reeves just walked to the entrance of the hotel. I shouted his name and he stopped. I runned to him and asked him for his autograph. My wife told me after this that I had runned just right along Bowie, but I did not see him. Especially for this occasion I had brought my beloved promo-cd of "Outside" (the 10" booklet with text and the cd of course) with me. At the moment that Reeved signed it someone was came standing beside him and when I looked it was Bowie himself. Although my heart was beating in my throat I did not thought twice and gave him a hand and asked him also to sighn my promo-cd. He was very friendly and did put his autograph beside the one of Reeves. Then I asked him if my wife could make a photo of us and he agread.

Then the most terrible moment of my life came. I was standing beside a big smiling Bowie waiting at the moment that my wife would press the button on the camara, but nothing happened. The camara blocked!! [is this good english]. It that moment it was freezing 10 decrees outside and because of the great difference of temperture from inside the car and the temperture outside the camara had probably condensate. Fuck, there I was standing beside my idol and then my camara would not work!! (I could make a ritual fire at that moment and burned my camara in it). Bowie was a littlebit inpatience because it was very cold and I almost paniced. Then Bowie himself came with the solution, he proposed that someone else could make our photo and that he/she could send it to me. Beside us there were four other fans at the place. It was a very simple suggestion but at that moment I could not come to this idea! A german girl, who was standing beside my wife, took her camara and made the photo. After I had shaked hands with Bowie and thanked him he sad goodbye and entered his hotel. I gave the girl my adress and totally stunned we walked back to our car. Inside the car we looked at our hands and mumbled that Bowie had shake these hands. We were totally happy!

After four or five weeks I received my photo from the german girl (It was a pity that the girl only send me the photo and not the negative.) Bowie was looking great! He had a very big smile on his face. And I... I was standing sheepish laughing beside him.

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