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Gilly's Encounters with Bowie

By Gilly
Email: gilly@psynet.net

Birthday Meeting

When the dates for the Outside Tour 1996 were announced, I noticed, that Bowie was going to play a concert on my birthday, February 18th. Unfortunately it was going to take place in Rennes, France, far away from home. Fortunately, it was on a Sunday and the day after was a day off, due to Carnival. So I decided to spend my birthday in France. I took my friends - all Bowiefans - and we went to see the concert in Lille on Saturday (really great concert, btw) and then drove to Rennes the same night.

On Sunday morning, we found out Bowie's hotel and went there, hoping to get a glimpse of him. I thought, wouldn't it be a nice birthday present of David if he posed for a photo with me! So I spent the waiting time gathering the courage to ask him. When he finally came out, other people stopped him and I got the opportunity to tell him, that today was my birthday. Hi, how are you, he answered. I asked for a photo and he agreed, though he was in a hurry. My friends were standing in place with drawn cameras, but had trouble adjusting their zooms. Faster, faster, said David. So unfortunately the photo came out a bit blurred, but I was so happy, cause it was the only time David was actually posing for a photo together with me! It was such a great birthday present, the best i got and it was really worthwhile the trip. (As you can see, later that year, in Belgium, David signed the photo for me, to make it even more valuable.)

A nice concert followed to make this my most perfect birthday ever!

Getting Older

On my birthday in February 1996, David posed for a photo with me. Later that year in a hotel in Belgium, I showed him that photo and mentioned that it was taken on my birthday.

He joked:

"Are you still getting older?"

and I replied:

"Aren't we all?"

"Not me," he said, and we all laughed.

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