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Gwin's Confessions of a Secret Admirer

By Gwin
Email: Gwinny@aol.com

In the summer of 1990, I travelled up to D.C. to catch the Sound and Vision tour with my Mom (yes, my Mom) and one of my sisters. It was the summer before my junior year of college and I was living in Williamsburg, VA (where I was going to school) and working in college radio.

The show was at the Merriwether Post Pavilion; it's one of those venues with an amphitheater in the front section (reserved seating), and a lawn behind (which is general admission). We'd only been able to get lawn tickets, unfortunately. I realized there was another show the next night so out of curiosity, I went to the box office to find out if any tickets had "opened up" for the next night. Sure enough, they had seats in the orchestra pit - - the 3rd row! I bought myself one quickly and eagerly, of course. That night I watched the show in euphoria - - focusing on the projections which I knew I wouldn't be able to see the following night.

The next night, I arrived at the show clutching a rose and a note (saying, among other things, "I am a DJ...but if I were what I played, I'd be you.") I found my seat in the third row, but it didn't feel...close enough. Then I noticed there was a jutting-out section of the stage where I knew Bowie would be standing, so I went and leaned on the front of it. Some security guards asked to see my ticket, then asked those around me, do you mind if she stays with you? They all said yes...how could they say no to a young chick like myself? So there I was, front and center, leaning on the stage!

When DB came out, I gave him my rose right away and he put it in his lapel. It was all floppy from the intense summer heat. Then, during "Heroes," he reached down and held my hand for most of the song! I was in heaven. Throughout the show he was concerned about the welfare of those getting a bit mushed up front, and was giving them lace off his shirt, etc. At some other point in the show, he gave me his guitar pick! I believe it was after "Space Oddity." Then, during one of the encores, I managed to slip the note in his pocket. Tee hee. I wonder what kind of freak he thought I was. Hey, I just wanted to be his friend...

Skip forward to the HMV record signing in Manhattan - - September 1995.

Like others who have related their close encounters of this event, I waited in the rain a long, long time. I'd brought a rose once again along with the Outside CD of course. Since my current job requires a lot of celebrity contact, I wasn't at all nervous about meeting him (even though he IS and always will be my #1 idol). Here is the ensuing conversation:

Gwin (cheekily): You know, I have a confession to make.
Dave (in astonishment, signing my CD): Oh really? What would that be?
Gwin (fake meekly): I'm your...secret admirer.
Dave (in fake shock): You mean it's been YOU all these years???
Gwin: Uh-huh. (gives him the rose, which he hands to an assistant)
Dave: Don't worry, I'll bring it home later...
Gwin: Yeah, I know. (pointedly) You know, it's not the FIRST time I've given you a rose!
Dave: Yes, and I remember EVERY time! (much laughing)

That's pretty much it. I figure if I work in the film industry long enough, I'm bound to be at a party that he's at too. Stay tuned...

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