Teenage Wildlife

My Close Encounter with the Rock God

by Jessica N.

I was one of the lucky ones chosen to see Bowie at Fort Apache Studios in Cambridge April 8, 1997.

What you might not know is that afterwards David stayed on stage and talked to the fans and gave autographs. Not only did I get his autograph but I gave him a poster I had made for him. As he unrolled it, his face dropped (I'm not quite sure if it was in awe or horror, but I was still ecstatic.) and He said, "Wow, that's good."

In fact Janet's picture from Fort Apache is of precisely when he unrolled my poster. (I recognised the Union Jack in the corner when I was looking at the picture.) David actually signed the poster (???) and tried to give it back to me. I replied that it is was for him. He looked confused and said, "Oh! Thank you!" Now I regret not taking my poster back. I also regret not having my glasses with me.

But it really was the most memorable evening of my life. It was certainly worth lying about my age! (I said I was 18 when I was only 15! Hee! Hee!)

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