Teenage Wildlife

Meeting David in Manhattan

By Kathleen Donnelly

I've also taken the liberty of including a shot of db taken at a signing for Outside (at HMV Records in Manhattan on the day the CD was released). Please feel free to scan it (as well as the telling of my "blush with greatness") if you think that anyone else checking out Wildlife would be interested.

While taking this I met "the man himself" and he was gracious, polite (and as devastatingly charming) as one would expect. I waited in the rain for about 3 hours to see him and was so nervous that I was completely tongue-tied! (Truly a rarity for me!)

When my turn came I walked up to the table, put down the magazine I'd bought with me to be signed and extended my hand. He looked a little surprised, (everyone seemed to be just sliding the CD forward, thanking him for the signature, and then moving on) but he put down the pen, got up and gave my hand a hearty shake. He thanked me for coming out. I told him that I was looking forward to meeting him all day, but that I was so nervous I couldn't think of anything sensible to say! I managed to blurt out "This is my big chance! Should I say something funny, something smart, ..something dirty?!" He arched that eyebrow, leaned forward (still shaking my hand!) and said in a slightly smoky/gravely voice "Well, that would be very cool!" After a moment's pause he noticed the blush racing up my cheeks and realized that I must have interpreted his response as meaning the latter, the "say something dirty" choice! He immediately started laughing that trademark sexy, staccato, smokers laugh (you know the one, it always sounds like it should be in a cartoon bubble of "Ha, Ha, Ha's" directly over his head).

When I was somewhat able to regain my composure (and after we stopped laughing) I thanked him for giving me a lifetime worth of pleasure and said that I was looking forward to seeing him perform the following night. By this time the crowd behind me was becoming most unpleasant, and I decided that it was probably best to move on. I said goodbye and remembered that I'd brought my camera with me. The folks running this gig were good enough to let me stand to the side and grab a few shots. (By the way, his hands were smooth and manicured, his handshake was firm and dry and he looked and smelled delicious!) Pretty cool, huh!

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