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Backstage with David

by Lesley Mueller
On stage with David
That's Lesley in the chair in the right hand corner!
David @ Sacramento
This is a great shot. Click for full-size

I met David Bowie about six years ago at his Sound and Vision tour. Let me start at the beginning. My sister Ahly wrote to David and told him I had loved his music for years, that I am disabled and may not get another chance to go to one of his concerts. She also explained to him that I have 31 records and it would mean the world to me if I got to meet him.

David said that he was going to come take me out to lunch, but she said that she had tickets to his concert in Sacramento -- David said that he would get us backstage (us being Ahly, her friend Tina and I).

Lesley Mueller & David Bowie

We got to the concert and we went straight backstage. There we met Coco (his personal assistant). She talked to us for a while, then out came David Bowie.. I noticed his British accent right away. He is a real personable man, we talked about his music, and he asked me what I liked best. I replied that I liked the music of the concert he did in 1974. He asked if I had a favorite song, I replied Life on Mars. Next we asked if I could have my picture taken with him, he said yes so we took a couple of pictures. David gave us each 2 t-shirts, a baseball cap and an autographed program. I also was cold, so I got a sweatshirt from one of the stagehands.

By this time it was time for the concert, he asked where we were sitting, we said we didn't have seats. He said that we could sit on stage while he was singing. The security guards carried me up in my wheelchair, and then gave me a pair of earplugs as I was right next to the speaker.

On the breaks between songs, he would smoke cigarettes and drink a glass of milk. He also gave me a few kisses, and when he dedicated the song to me, he looked over and smiled.

This was an experience that I will never forget, I sent him a thank you card and told him that his voice will live forever. He is still one of my idols!

Ed Note: Lesley is looking for the exact set list for the Sacramento Sound+Vision show. I have the set list for the Tokyo show the week before Sacramento, but it may be (and probably is different). If you have the set list, you could email it to me or to Lesley.

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