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Hallo Spaceboy, Bye-Bye Love

By Lodger

Here's Lodger's account of her close encounter after the Outside tour concert at St Louis, Missouri, Riverport Ampitheatre on October 11, 1995.

The evening is beautiful and I know the night to follow will be just as fantastic. I glimpse a moon that is nearly full. Tonight I will be rejoined with my spirit love, but first I am forced to sit through a certain "hell" before we can unite. That hell has a name, "Prick", they are so terrible, I decide to leave my seat and wander towards the concession area for a beer and a smoke. Sitting here watching the people wander by, I sense that NIN has more fans here tonight than David does. It is kind of sad! I can see by the way "they" look, the way "they" walk, everything about them that they have no clue as to what David's music is all about, and judging by the collective age group, they don't care! Oh well! As I am lost in this thought, I notice a fence not far from where I sit, and beyond the fence is a fleet of big silver busses, quite impressive actually! I stare very intently at those busses, wondering about their contents, wondering about the stories they could tell, wondering, "How can I get to them?" After much thought, I decide that I would much rather see the show than get kicked out for trying to climb that fence. As I finish my beer I concetrate very deeply on those busses and especially about David! Oh, how I love him!

Prick finally leaves, and I butt out my Gitane and head for my seat! I thought it was a pretty good show, enjoyed every minute of it! I even found my self getting swept away in Trent's voice! But, as any true Bowie fan knows, nothing prepared me for the moment when HE finally came onto the stage! Quite Fantastic! I spent the next few hours lost in his music and lost in the thought of HIM!!!!

As the show ended I sat for awhile watching the throngs of people trickle out of this amphitheatre, it ended up being a beautiful night, and I didn't want it to end! As I sat there I wondered where does David go after his shows? I thought, "I bet I could find him." So, with renewed energy, I headed for my car, husband in tow, and off we went to find this elusive man! We headed to many different "nice" hotels in the area. I told myself that I would be able to walk into a place, take a long deep breath and know if he was here or had been here. Every place I entered I soon left with disappointment. I had not felt any stirrings in the depths of my heart! :-(

Finally, my husband said, "Come on Les, lets go get something to eat!" I agreed and we wandered around until we came upon a Denny's restaurant, where we ate and smoked and discussed the night's show! We left feeling satisified and headed home!

On the interstate home, (I was driving) I first noticed a television set ahead of me, at that same moment my husband said, "Oh God, it's one of Bowie's busses!" I began to tremble as I raced up beside it. We were on it's right side and I looked up to see, in the window, a sillhouette of a man with his head in his hand. There was that deep stirring in my heart. I knew it was David. Ahead of us was a truck not going 80 mph, so I had to slow down, let the bus slip away, only for a moment though, and when I finally was back in my proper place beside the bus, the silhouette was gone and the TV had been turned off! We followed the bus until our exit, I waved and cried a tear as we went our separate ways.

The next morning I awoke bright and early knowing that I had to paint the image I had seen the night before! I began immediately! It was coming along quite nicely. The entire time I worked on capturing the image on canvas I listened to the CD Outside. Over and Over and Over. One afternoon, while I was painting the silhouette, the song Hallo Spaceboy came on. I almost fell over when I finally heard the words to this song. . .

"Spaceboy you're sleepy now,
your silhouette is so stationary.
You're released but your custody calls,
and I want to be free, don't you want to be free!
Do you like girls or boys?
It's confusing these days,
but moondust will cover you.
This chaos is killing me.
Hallo Spaceboy, Bye-Bye Love."

It was my painting in his words! So there it was, an image in my mind, an image on canvas, and a song by my love! All in one! I had to title it that. What else could it have been? To date this is my favorite painting I have done, it was a gift from my higher self and from David! I thank them both!

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