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Loving a Star

By Maria Tsodokova

Well...Here's my story.I met David...let me see...four times in London, one time in Moscow. My first meeting with Dave was terribly funny, and ...well a little bit embarassing for me. So I'll start from the very beginning. My name is Maria, and two years ago I was just a common Russian girl, who doesn't know anything about Bowie, and who LOVES to sing. Can you imagine, I didn't know who David Bowie is, when I came to London to take part in the singing contest. I was choosen to be a delegate from russia.

As you may know, we aren't very rich here in russia, and the journey to England was a shock to me. So I came to London, and was terribly glad just to be there, I even didn't expect that I'll win, or get known, but the most amazing thing was that I won! I won the grand-prise of the whole teenage-singing festival!!! So after the event, all the members had a party at one very fashionable club. I was told that there'll be a few famous people, so I was scared, though I was the winner. When everybody had a really good time, I was standing in the corner, scared and lonely. Just imagine:poor russian girl, just from the gutters, suddenly finds herself in such a place!!!

So I was standing there alone, when suddenly one man approached me smiling and said "Hey, you look sad? Why are you standing here alone? Hm...I think I saw your face somewhere... Aren't you the girl who won the competition?"

I answered "Yes, I am."

He asked "So, what is your name?"

(I was very shy) I answered "Maria, sir. And what's your's?"

And guess what happened? He looked at me as if he saw the alien, or a ghost, and suddenly started to laugh! It was too much for me! During all the evening I was afraid to do, or to say something wrong, and suddenly this man laughs at me!

I looked at him in despair and said "Did I say something wrong, sir?"

And he answered "I don't remember, the time I was as much surprised as this evening! You're something incredible! Did you came from Siberia?"

I was still curious, and I didn't understand what was going on, but suddenly I mentioned that practically everyone in the club stares at us. I blushed and ran away.

Day after that, I my friend Alys found me in my room in the hotel and said "What happened to you yesterday? You were so lucky, why did you run away? Do you know whom you were talking with?

I said "No!"

She smiled and said "There's something I want to show you!"

She took me to the music store and showed me the Bowie poster hanging on the wall beside of the hall wall which was covered with his CD's. Well, the ending is obvious...I recognized the man whom I was talking to!

I still feel terrible when I remember what a fool I was, and what a fool I seemed to him! Especially when I heared his music, and understood that I'm in love with him!

But when I met him second time, I was among the hundreds of people, but he recognized me! (Being a fool may be useful sometimes) I asked him for a autograph, and he looked at me and said "Ah! Here's the girl from Siberia! How are you doing! Recognize me?" The others were "a little bit confused."

Now I live half of a year in London and the other half in Moscow. This autumn I'm starting to work on my first album, I'm not sure about its name but I think it would be "Loving a star", so my meeting with David was a blessing. Because after that, my singing career is going higher and higher! The other times I met Dave aren't so important, because we just talked. That's all.

P.S.:I'd like to send you some pictures, but I don't have a scan system. Maria.

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