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By Marz


Hallo, Now that my feet are firmly back on the ground, I should be able to find the words to tell you about our latest "Bowie Bonanza"! We were so excited in mid-September, knowing it would be only a matter of weeks before we would be seeing David in concert again, at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia on the 3rd and 4th of October. The official countdown had begun.

We had heard that David was planning to do a radio appearance for a WXPN fundraiser the day before his first show. It was $1000.00 for 2 passes and they were only selling 20 passes.(2 per person). Needless to say, we could not afford that, and being that there were 3 of us, unfortunately, it was out of the question. However, all those memories were coming back, the ones reminding me of the "daze" when I would camp-out for the front row.....several times for over a week. The memories of the days when myself and fellow "devotees" would hang outside of his hotel. Talking with him when he emerged, then jumping in our cars and racing to Sigma Sound Studios to arrive before he did. Always, we would get there seconds before his limo would pull up. The first few times he seemed truly amazed by this feat......after the 3rd or 4th day.......it was a regular routine. It really paid off towards the end of his Philadelphia stay, when he invited around 10 of us into the studio to hear the recording of Young Americans. Oh boy, I am getting caught up in the past......on to the present......

Zane & Bowie Zane & Bowie Anyway, I could not pass up the chance to possibly meet with David again, the last time having been backstage after the *Outside show....Zane, who was 7 then and a devoted fan himself, had by now....2 years later.... continued to blossom into a true Bowie fan. He was willing to try some of the old sidewalk hanging....the fact that this radio appearance was to take place at Sigma Sound, really would make it sooooo special.....so we were off to Philadelphia on the morning of David's scheduled appearance. We met up with our friend Leslie, who also had been with me back at Sigma......off we went to Sigma, not really knowing what time or if at all David would show up. We staked out our spot in a parking lot directly across the street from the studio....it was 11:00am. While you are waiting, you always imagine that perhaps misleading information had been given out to throw people off the track.....anyway, when we overheard the parking attendant speaking to a fellow who had just walked out of Sigma....I heard the words"David Bowie will be arriving in a couple of hours"....it was music to my ears!!!!!! We settled in for a short wait....compared to the old days.....this was a piece of cake. To our surprise no other fans were there to catch David's arrival.

I believe that when tix for this appearance were announced it was announced one time only......( it sold out immediately) so we could only assume that people did not know about this...we were expecting to meet up with a few others who were on the way back from the Boston Bowie show.....but they also had not arrived yet.......

I had brought along some photos that were taken at Sigma way back in 1974, so we passed the time reminising, and keeping our fingers, toes and eyes crossed that even though we would not be going in to hear this acoustic show,,,,,at least we could say hello to David upon his arrival. I have to say that it was so cool being there.....outside of Sigma.....haven't been there since 74', and being able to show Zane where that magnificent experience had taken place almost made this day worth it already.........little did I know......the best was yet to come......

Anticipating David's arrival...it was now almost 3:00....we ventured across the street so we would be right out front when he arrived. Wow, being in the same spot....23 years later.....and still "Waiting for the Man"....it was really a neat feeling....Still no other fans had arrived.....other then the people who had tix for his appearance, and they had already gone inside....With every passing car.....we waited and hoped for the one to pull up that David would emerge from....there were a few false alarms......and then....finally.....a white van pulled up close to the curb.....out stepped David...walking right towards us.....and there was Zane...walking right towards him.....(we trained him well!!!!)...."Hello Zane"....said David...."You remember me!!"...exclaimed Zane....."Of course" was David's reply. He stopped for a few minutes...Paul...my husband...welcomed David to Philadelphia......I showed David a picture of him and I back from 1974....we are sitting inside Sigma.....holding hands........he got a kick out of that.......and he signed it.....having a picture of David and I from 1974....and having David's autograph on it saying....Bowie 97' is a real treasure to me! I never really know what it is that I am going to say to David during our encounters....but what came out of my mouth next....even surprised me....."David,,,,is there anyway that we can get in for this show.....we didn't have money for the tickets!!!" With that David said "I am sorry luv.....it's not my gig!"(we took that as that he had no control over what was charged for this event) and then he was whisked inside the studio.

Well, we were absolutely thrilled that yet again we had the privilege of chatting with David.....he has always been most gracious during our many meetings over the years. We were just about to settle in for the 45 minute to an hour wait.....for the end of the show..so that of course we could see him when he came out, when an employee from Sigma came to the door and motioned to Zane to come over. She told him to bring his parents over so we walked over along with "Aunt Leslie". Then out came the music director for WXPN and he told us that David requested that we be allowed in as his guests.......what a totally unexpected......fantastic.....surprise....so in we went....

The acousitc show was fabulous......David sounded marvelous and he and Reeves were really having fun....they could go on the road as a comedy team!!! David Dye....the WXPN dj who conducted the interview truly seemed to be enjoying himself...Rather then review.......this experience.....if anyone wants a copy of this show....email me and I will send you a copy....That way you can also "be there"! At one point when David Dye was talking to db he brought up the subject......of David's wardrobe choices in the past....David's response was....."There will be someone in every decade that will be willing to wear a lame shirt and spandex." and then he pointed to Zane and said"Just like my friend Zane there!"....who indeed was wearing silver patent leather pants.....and a silver lame shirt....it was a riot.

Zane was sitting up on his chair with his hand up.....(whatta kid) he was going to ask a question.....David said, "Zane, do you have a question......?"

Zane said... " David, could you please sing the line from All the Madmen.....for me?" and with that David sang......" Zane, Zane, Zane....Ouvre le Chien".......It was AWESOME....(for some disappointing reason, this part of the interview was edited when the show was broadcast on Oct.17th. )c: My memory serves me well tho' (c: ) I could not believe that David again was "serenading" my little boy........the first time being in 1995*.....when Zane told David that I had picked his name from one of his songs....

After the show David walked by us and made a point of shaking our hands.....we said goodbye......and then went outside and waited just a few minutes, and when he came out to leave......he signed a few more autographs......by now several other fans had come......(better late then never!!!) . We stayed that night at Leslie's house.....just numbed by the whole day....

The following two weeks were also a blast.....the two shows in Philly were spectacular....and then my friend Jacki treated me to a ticket for The Supper Club the following week.....THANK YOU JACKI !!! That show was also amazing......and as my good fortune continued..I also was there for MTV 10 Spot event..........wow..........I felt 16 again....it was so much fun!! Anyway....meeting with David and seeing David in concert was fantastic as always....but I also would like to take this opportunity to say how nice it was to meet and greet a lot of the people I have come to know through Teenage Wildlife and the AOL chat room........you all know who you are........

On to the future............Love-on ya!


This picture of our son Zane and David was taken 2 years ago when Zane was 7. We met with David backstage after the Bowie/NIN show in Camden, NJ (outside Philadelphia). It was a blast. The highlight of that meeting was when Zane told David, "My mom got my name from one of your songs!" David said, "I know that!" and then he got down on one knee in front of Zane and sang, "Zane, Zane, Zane." What a moment, one we will never forget.


I thought the story behind this autograph was cool. A friend of ours who works at the hotel where David was staying in Philly in 90...slipped a note from Paul and I under David's hotel room door. We told David in the note how we had picked our son's name from All the Madmen. Zane was not quite 3 at the time. We asked if David would be so kind as to sign an autograph for Zane and kindly return it to us in the self addressed stamped envelope we included with the request.

A few days later when I looked in our mailbox and saw the envelope I was sooo surprised. It was almost as thrilling as meeting him..... David......whatta a guy......we luv ya !!!!!!!!!!

Taken in Philadelphia in 1990.


In 1974 Marz met Bowie in Philly while he was recording Young Americans at Sigma Sound. Marz was only 16 but she says this was the thrill of a lifetime.

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