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Bowie in Moscow

Kirill Vertyaev

First of all, Hi to everyone!

Second of all, the Historical Meeting In Palas Hotel With Bowie was kindly organized for his fans by Mrs. Coco Schwab - a kind woman, Bowie's personal assistant in his tours, and Moscow fans thanking her again and again.

It was June 15, 1996, just four hours before the Moscow concert, that produced such a big mess in Russian press (from "great and absolutely fabulous" up to " too incomprehensible")

We conversed with Bowie in a small hotel room - 15 people - mostly looser-girls "never-seen-big-rock-stars" and few guys, including me and my friend, who did not believe we would see DB so close (by the way, after the meeting he has become a Bowie fan).

So...Bowie entered the room dressed in blue T-short and blue jean jacket. He smiled and said something like "I did not suppose there would be so many people". I thought he must be taller then me, but he was no more then 1m76cm.(Sorry, David, that because I am a tall guy!).

Some people and I shaked his hand, he sat down on a sofa and we gathered around him. Actually I was thinking much about what I should ask him at "the day we got defenetly to meet". I very much wanted to know what was his favourite film director - but I had forgotten to ask it... I stupose that should be David Lynch...So, I started conversation with the first question I get into my mind:

- David, during the "Outside" tour you prefer to perform "non-hit secondary" material from your albums, and not all-famous oldies like "Ashes to Ashes" for example. Why?

Bowie said something like "I'm going to work on those material again and give them a new form due to the new music trends.That what really I want to do"

I stared in his eyes and now I am absolutely sure that he has different ones.Someone told me he had removable artificial eye - its a lie!!.

I asked DB about the plans for the second part of the Outside cycle - actually I still have no idea if it will be done or not. Bowie said that most of the material for the second part had already been done and the concept had been working out

He said: "We will do it again with Brian Eno". I answered "Oh, yeah, we know" He laughed: "You always know everything, even before I know it!".

He also worried about the concert.

One of the girls brought a tin of caviar and a bottle of Russian vodka, thinking that Bowie would drink it with her....Well, it would have been too much.

In meeting also participated Mrs. Coco Schwab and Bowie's guard assistant

- I dont remember his name- but he always gagged at us. One of the fans asked him: "Why didn't you performed "Under pressure" at Wamble with Freddy Mercury?

- We thought that was a kinda sketch song, not so significant and it was not ready to be performed live.

We had an opportunity to give him Moscow fan-club magazine "After All". He was very pleased and said something like "Where I'll find a Russian interpreter for all that stuff?" I also asked him what was the source of inspiration for that bloody plot in Outside...He laughed and said "Nothing". .

He is very - very sweet in conversation with fans... Nothing like a feeling "a big rock-n-roll star'. Later on the concert he performed "My death" on our special request. The beginning of the song he started without music...Great performance. Garsons's keyboards sounded absolutely fabulous - like free interpretation on the the theme. This song created furore. And of course everybody cried out the last phrase - "You!!!!" (actually I, being close to stage, cried "Me!!!!!") He pointed and said : 'You!' The concert was Great, inspite on the bad choice of the hall. He put a Russian icon on the stage.

Bowie was not pleased with the hall and with the ticket prices but he did not show it anyhow during the concert. Most of the fans were placed far from stage. Once he did a kind of "protest gag performance" when singing "Small Plot" . Someone from VIPes gave him flowers. Bowie chanted: "Poor dance....." and then through flower down to their seats - like into a grave - and crossed himself...everybody acclaimed..

My friend also made a photo of me and David during the conversation in hotel. But I freaked out and made such a face that I'd rather not to send it. Someone may think I am "a kinda strange".

Thats all about meeting with fans. Later I knew out some funny facts of his accommodation in the hotel. He asked to prepare in the room before his arrival one box of "Marlboro", Mineral water and...a weight.

Staying four days in Moscow he never left hotel. There may be two obvious reasons for it:

1. He does not like air-flights and got too tired after the flight from Japan.

2. He was rather pissed at Russia cos in 1973 Russian police crashed his photo camera during his trip to Moscow. ( joke! )

3.He was not pleased with extraordinary high tickets on his concert (up to 600 dollars and that's not a joke).

But inspite of that he was very kind and sincere with fans......

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