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Shoulda Asked for an Autograph

Joseph Bailey

When you're 17 years old--which I was in 1973--and a budding Bowie fan, the smallest moments, shine brilliantly in hindsight. Let explain:

I had a ticket to catch him during his "Live At The Tower" shows. And was heading to the Tower Theater to see him for the first time I'd just gotten off the El(evated) train at 69th street, not far from the theater. And was I walking up the street to the intersection which I had to cross.

I got there a couple of hours becore showtime, to get a good seat and maybe spot Mr. B. As I waited for the lights to change, I spotted a limo in the lane nearest to the side of the street I was heading.

When the lights changed, I thought I'd try to catch up with the car. (Hey! You never know...could be someone important.) It had turned right in front of the theater and parked. As I did draw closer, its passengers were getting out. Several guys, a couple of ladies and a tall gent with what looked like a black Fedora.

Now I'm trotting to get a better look. (I was still a good 2 blocks away, but never took them out of my sight!) I was across the street from them, with 2 lanes of traffic between. us. The tall gent was smiling and speaking with one of the passengers in front of the entrance. As they walked towards the stage doors, my chance of finding out it 'the tall gent' was db were growing slim!

At the top of my lungs, I screamed across the street "DAAAAAAAVID!" 'The tall gent stopped and glanced over at me. The brim of his hat, cocked back enough for me to actually see IT WAS HIM! Traffic was still roaring as he cocked his head slightly and broke into a toothy grin. Then waved his arm over his head, in my general direction.

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