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db examines Janet's tatoos
db examines Janet's tattoos

I'm the woman with all the Bowie tattoos. Well, thay have finally done me good!

On November 17th (his Rosie O'Donnell appearance), Rosie brought me on stage to meet "the man". I was up there with him a good 15 minutes, just chatting away while he studied my arms. It was just amazing. And, he loved my artwork! He really couldn't get over them.

This is funny...when I showed him my "Tin Machine" logo on my chest, Rosie said, "What's that one?" David and I both, simultaneously, turned to her and said, "TIN MACHINE!" She looked at us and just said, "oh". David and I giggled at her not knowing the logo.

Well, anyway, I thought I'd share one of the pictures with you now.

-- Janet Hull

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