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In 1990, one of my favourite radio stations in Philadelphia was giving away a trip to Copenhagan, Denmark to see My Man for the Sound and Vision Wold Tour. I bought a book of Andy Warhol postcards (which are REALLY thick) and sent them in as well as entered at the stores sponsoring the trip. Well, I won and two things amazed me when we got there ,,,#1 He had NEVER performed there until 1990 and they broadcasted on the TV NEWS WHERE HE WAS STAYING!!!! If something like this was in the media in this area there would most likely be a riot.

We went to the hotel the day of the concert at about 3:30pm and there was a small, calm crowd outside with me,,,(lots of British people). We waited and every once and a while we'd get a glimmer of hope; like when a bus would drive up and Rock and Roll looking people would come out of it. At one point, Adrian Belew came out of the Hotel; scammed a signature from him (a really nice guy he is).

Then just when it seemed that he must have left from another exit to avoid us (it was getting late), a black BMW with tinted windows came down a side street and stopped at a stop sign. We ran over and YES there was My Man in the back seat wearing a red polo shirt and smiling to beat the band. He looked so beautiful. Apparently, I was the only person to really see him because the other windows of the car were too darkened to see through. I still get ribbed about jumping on cars but it was for a good cause.

The radio station gave us hospitality passes for before the show with the impression that we might meet him that way. So we rushed over to the venue and asked around about how to get to the hospitality area. By this point, I was sweating and shaking. We had to go through this trailer and "all the way up the spiral stairs until we couldn't get any higher", someone told us. We said, "We already can't get any higher." However, the hospitality suite was nice with pictures of My Baby and food but no personal appearance...

Regardless, this was the most EXCITING day I have ever experienced in my life and I'll never forget it.

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