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Getting into the Astoria without a ticket

Vincenzo Tanferna

Bowie looks at Vincenzo's Gisborne 2000 ticket
Bowie examines Enzo's Gisborne ticket
Picture form BowieNet

If you ever had doubts about David Bowie caring for his fans you should read what follows.

David bowie said to Eric (his security): 'Sort this gentleman out', and he added 'definitely'.... I could not believe it.

Would you like to know more ? Read the whole story . It might take a couple of minutes of your time but is worth it ! The whole of the conversation stays impressed in my mind word by word.

I went to the Virgin Megastore to queue for Bowie autograph : n.65 in the queue. I did not have a ticket for the Astoria( I had been queuing for hours outside the Astoria on the day they sold the tickets: like many other fans I did not get any). But I was going to meet David Bowie for the first time and felt happy anyway. I brought with me my Gisborne ticket (Yes, I was going to New Zealand and the ticket was sent to me long before the cancellation).

I did not know what to do with the Gisborne ticket :'Shall I ask him to sign it?' I thought: it did not make any sense and also it might have upset him, so I definitely decided not to do that.

But somehow, I wanted Bowie to know that I was a fan who would have gone to the other side of the globe to see him in concert. Talking to a few very nice people I met at the Megastore jokingly I said 'Shall I ask David Bowie if I can use the Gisborne ticket for tonight concert ?' . 'I think he will laugh' someone said. After this answer I thought 'Let's see what happens '. I would not have dared and have the courage to put that question seriously to him, but without meaning it, in a joking way I took the opportunity when he was signing the Nomad Soul copy. (I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Bowie Net took a picture. Yes, I am the one on the second picture of the Megastore signing and the ticket Bowie is checking it is not a tube ticket but it is my Gisborne ticket).

My voice was altered and unstable when ,after shaking hands , I started talking to David Bowie.

'I am Enzo' I mumbled. 'Andrew?' he replied. 'No. Enzo. I am Italian', I said and he signed the Nomad Soul copy.

His friendly attitude made me feel more comfortable : 'Can I ask you a question?' I said. 'Yes of course' he replied. 'I do not have a ticket for tonight. Can I use this one.' I said jokingly.

He took the ticket from my hands and after a moment he replied: 'Is this your ticket?'.

'Yes that's my ticket', was my firm answer this time.

He turned his head and told Eric(his security): 'Sort this gentleman out' and he added 'definitely'.

I could not believe it. 'Thank you very much' , I said while stretching my hand, he stretched his hand, and while shaking hands with me he replied 'My pleasure'.

Soon after Eric asked me :'What can I do for you?'. 'I told him I do not have a ticket for tonight' I said. 'I do no have a ticket but write down your name and give it to me', he replied.

I wrote my full name down (Vincenzo Tanferna) and gave it to him waiting for what to do next. Soon after the Virgin Megastore security people told me to move away. It took some time to convince them that I was waiting to know what to do next,and that Eric had my name: at the end I was told by one of them to look for Eric at the Astoria.

I saw Eric outside the Astoria and he said that he would let me in when they opened . When they opened the problem was that the people at the entrance told me that they could not contact Eric (probably they did not believe me either) and they asked me to call him on his mobile. Starting getting a bit nervous I told them I did not have his mobile number,so they asked me to look for him at the back door entrance. Even there it was difficult to convince them, but eventually I wrote down my name and gave it to someone who looked more close to management. When Eric came down he just said: 'Come in' and told me 'this is a present from David' while guiding me (I do not remember his exact words but this is what he meant).

Amazing , isn't it? Very nice present indeed, also considering that I was 38 years old just 2 days earlier(30th November). I have only one regret: I wish I asked Eric to have the opportunity to have a picture taken with Bowie backstage: I was too shy.

Thank you again Mr.David Bowie. I will never forget your kindness...

-- Enzo
Vincenzo Tanferna

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