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Contributed by Katrina, who takes no responsibility for the originality of the joke.

I once knew a twentysomething guy named Nick--a loser really, he could never make it with a girl. One day he was at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York, trying to spark some interest in his date (an avid Bowie fan), who was utterly bored to death. The girl was practically asleep.

Finally, she excused herself to go to the bathroom. While she was gone, the discouraged Nick despondently looked across the room--and who should he behold but David Bowie himself, sitting in a booth, smoking and talking across the table to Reeves Gabrels!!

Gathering up all of the courage in him, he crept up to the table, got David's attention and meekly stated, "Um, Mr. Bowie? My name's Nick and um...My date's a big fan of yours and, um, I'm not doing so hot with her. So...if it's not too much trouble...Could you, like, when you have a moment, get up and come over to our table when she's there and pretend that you know me or something? It'd get me a lot of respect from my date."

David smiled at the pleading in Nick's voice, chuckled a little with Reeves and finally agreed to do it.

Nick sat down, and eventually the date returned from her unusually long bathroom break and, with a dull sigh, sat. A few moments later, her blue eyes widened in shock. David Bowie had gotten up and was approaching their table!

The rock star suavely walked up, slapped Nick on the back and said casually in his sexy British accent, "Hey, Nick, it's nice to see you again. Where have you been lately?"

With an air of annoyance, Nick looked up and said angrily, "Buzz off, will ya Dave? Can't ya see I'm busy?"

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