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Your Face Is In Them All | Looking At The Moon

Your Face Is In Them All

by Alys
My dreams are convoluted
Spiralling, swirling
And your face is in them all
tormenting me with sorrowful eyes
and feelings of guilt.
I can see a tear trickle down
your cheek, damp and hot.
Your eyes are brighter still
the unshed tears glistening
awaiting the release of sorrow.
You will not talk
you stare at me mute
your feelings float near the surface
but cannot push their way thru
to let you cry for all that is lost.
Your guilt is for never telling
giving your love to those
the souls that needed it most.
You can tell them even now,
for their spirits can still hear you.

Looking At The Moon

by Alys
Floating high in the sky
The moon
Its pale light glimmering
Striking my cheek
And softening the dark.

I look up and I think
Maybe you're looking at the moon tonight
Linking us over space and time
Wherever we are.

You could be in 
Geneva, London,
New York, or L.A. -
Or perhaps Indonesia,
In your enchanting sarong.

The moon will always be there
keeping a watchful gaze
over your restless form.
Tired, but you can't sleep
You pace the floor below your window.

Your mind flows with
stories, art, and music
and maybe
You're looking at the moon tonight
Linking us over space and time....

-For David,
Alys, Oct. 24, 1996


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