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by Antoine Poncelet
Who are you looking at when you face that mirror?
Who is it that stare's right back?
Brush your teeth and rinse your hands
You've learned over time that guilt is harder to get off than dirt
But you're not alone
You're just like everyone else
Everyone feels a little pain
Everyone feels a little love
Everyone has cried like the rain
Everyone wants to be above
You're a little scared
A world where no one cares
A world where grey is the color of everyone's heart
I like green
Green Eyes
Green Light
Green healing light
Listen, you've got to find it
Most never do, but you've got to
It is important
Like reflections of water on tiled walls
Like a young child lost in a land of mirrors
Like the chains that are too long
Waiting to be broken, right or wrong
Have you figured out who it is yet?
That person in your mirror?
Just give me your sweet little hands
Come cuddle with me under the stars
You're nothhing, but we are all
We are those that rise above
We are those that touch dreams
We are those that truly learn
So rise above, stand up, touch a dream, be something
Have you figured out who you are yet?
You're the sun set superstar
But so am i, and so is she and so is he
So we'll all hold hands and learn how to be
We'll all hold hands and learn how to be
We'll all hold hands and learn how to be 

The Man Who Fell To Earth

by Antoine Poncelet
A hand came down from the heavens
It took anyone willing to venture
Then he came down
The Star Man with the sparkle in his eye
He sang for us about the better life
The only way to unite
Then they took him away
Needles and interrogations
His vision blurred
He became what they wanted him to be 
A cultured celebrity
Not a beautiful Star shining upon us
He came again, but no one cared
No one knew him anymore
No one loved his passions
So he found his ship
Returned to space
Where he waits until the day he will be needed again

Author says "This is about Bowie in general. It is about his sort of downfall in the 80s. It was probably his most successful, but in his own words, the most miserable. He was trapped in a box and it took Tin Machine to get him out, but not too many people other than Bowiefans liked Tin Machine."

Open The Dog

by Antoine Poncelet
Open the Dog 
To see what grows inside
Filthy little vermin
Anger fills the heart
The Pulse of a thousand years
Ebbs and flows
The summer snows
Lying on the banks
Never to awake
Give me your hand
We shall jump into the forgotten place
My guardian angel
My spirit guide
Save me from myself
Save me from the world
Torture within love
My golden dove

Author says " This poem is an ode to the spirit of Ziggy Stardust. I want to keep up with David and always be into what he does now. I didn't want his past dragging me down and simply disallowing me to inherit the future, so i wrote this to kill of Ziggy in my own way. I still listen to the record and love it, but i'm not lost in it anymore. "

Life On The Outside

by Antoine Poncelet
I want to be on the inside
I was always out here
Let me in
An invisible wall separates us from you
Laugh at us
Call us names
I still care about you
That is the difference between you and me
Enjoy your pleasures
Watch me cringe
See through skin
Look at the inside
We are the same
We are different
Do you know what I mean?
I am speaking to you
i guess you don't pay attention to the Outsider
I don't want to come in
I am fine in the rain
Cold and unhealthy
I love it
Me and my friends can play
You can go back to the Inside
I am fine
I have my pride
On the Outside

Author says " This was about the general lack of acceptance in my area of Bowie and his chef d'oeuvre OUTSIDE. It is my favorite record to date and it is also about David being alienated, and a little bit of the autobiography is included in it too. "

The Ballad Of Major Tom

by Antoine Poncelet
Above the night sky
Planet Earth looks so different from up there
The stars dance around him
The planets are his friends
He cries for us down here
Quietly dying 
Making animal sounds

Author says " This isn't just about that beloved character in "Space Oddity" and "Ashes to Ashes," but it is also once again alienation. My own, and the same one felt by many of you, and even David Bowie himself. "

The Fragile Prince

by Antoine Poncelet
A cigarette burns the marble hand
There is no pain for the mystical one
Walking blindly through time and meaning
Sailing through the seas of thought and the mind
An opaque cocoon hides the opaque son
Feeding off of our eyes, ears, and tongues
Feeble hands grasp to touch to hold to feel
Rip him to shreds
Bring home a trophy, bring home your youth
It is floating away like a yellow piece of paper 
The wind is your enemy, erosion and decay
Your face withers, but his stays the same
So you try to capture what he has
You want the marble opaque son's glow
Crushed like an egg, the fragile prince is dead.

Author says " From listening and studying David Bowie for the past few years my encounters with many of his fans has led me to write this poem. It is widely known that David is probably the handsomest man on the planet, and possibly the universe. Many handsome men or beautiful women lose their beauty as they age, but somehow David looks just as handsome (if not better looking ) than he did 30 years ago. As he approaches his 50th birthday, Mr. Bowie's fan base continues to grow, and with them the jealousies and envious people. This poem depicts David years down the road, still beautiful, killed by these jealous and insane fans. It probably would never happen, but this was just another one of my dreams. "

The Sacrifice

by Antoine Poncelet
Sucking Down toe nails
Clawing at the bryl cream afro sheen
Tiny eyes floating around connected to strings
Quickly before I change my mind
The age of man and the angel man
Savage jungle beating in my bones
No need for new gods in the discotheque
Night shades the moon shine minotaur
Where are my arms?  Where are my toenails?
"The question is solved by a riddle"
said the Queen of New Orleans
A frock coat and a pitch fork
Glowing teeth hidden behind hungry mouths
Like a moth she likes her clothes
"What an honor to be sacrificed by someone as magnificent as you" he
She laughed as she cleaned her glowing teeth with what appeared to be
bloody toenails.

Author says " This lovely little ditty was inspired and written while listening to OUTSIDE once again. It is basically about ritual murder and sacrifice, but instituting Bowie and his character Ramona A. Stone into a lyrical context. It's rather cute, if I may say so. "

The Corinthian And The Light

by Antoine Poncelet
The poet, the chansons
Churning like a machine
Trying to save us all with his thoughts
Tries to fly away
Falls to the ground
Breaks into scattered peices
Flashes of light
Whight light runs through the tunnel
And there he stands
That eye, that piercing eye
The rotting expression
Still so cool and calm 
Like an ocean of white foam
Slice it off 
Cool liquid in the form of a lightning bolt
The fountain runs down the angel's face
The fissure splits the mask apart
Energy and heat shoot out in rays from the broken face
The mask falls to the ground in flames
And there he stands
Like an perfect statue, straight and tall
Quiet, but every single word makes sense
His soft voice rolls off of his tongue
Floating through the sky into your head
It festers, it becomes a parasite inside of you
He parts his lips for the second time
The tongue crawls out of the throat
it grows and morphs
Red light bounces off of the walls
And there he stands once again.

Author says " This poem is about David Bowie's many different changes throughout the years. He has always been chategorized by his many different costumes and characters on stage and off. If you set up his time periods with his different changes, then his changes don't look so vast. They just seem like logical steps made in the advancement of bettering himself. "


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