Teenage Wildlife

Moondust in San Francisco

by babygraceblue.
Legs crossing, uncrossing-
in dusty maroon plushness
"Waiting so long
I've been waiting so long. . ."
fingering the
clean jagged perforated tear
on the paper stub in my pocket.
Vaguly amused by the way
the smokey rainbow
glows through
the rubber retinas,
silent night falls
and screams echo
off the archaic cinema walls.
The moon flashes to life,
and cradles in it's grace-
the Alien Angel
and screams mutate
into howls,
until the angel
touches his axe to silence the crowd-
". . .and I'm sinking in the
Quicksand of my thoughts,
and I ain't got the power anymore. . ."
he holds the power
like firey gold
into the crowd
and cries of 
untouched rapture
haunting, crawling
into the 
creavaces of the brain
the heart to swell ready to burst with
jucies of adoration. . .
seal soft velvet hips
thrusting and swaying
as thick as spun honey
sugar moans
coated in fungus sweat soaked gauze clinging--
falling to his knees
as flakes of plastic moondust
flutter like mad moths
around his aging features
"Moondust will cover you. . ."
teasing the seas
of straining hands
brushing fingertips
and leaving ripples
of stardust 
in his wake--
it is his magic
his spell
his music
the Eart hl i ng
man. . .
has branded his mark 
into the chain of my existance
forcing a link 
of silver
marked by a ticket stub and a 
T-shirt baring his grace
". . .Keep your 'lectric eye 
on me babe. . ."
Memory of blazing 
kaledoscope lightning 
harmony thunder
a storm of emotions
welling inme. . .
which slowly subsides 
to a gentle trickle
as his voice shrinks 
to a plastic disc,
days separate the web. . .
and I know 
I came
". . .face to face with the 
man who sold the world. . ."
in one night
"I opened strange doors
we'd never close again. . ."
I am baptized 
in his moondust--
". . .and I ain't got the 
power anymore. . ."

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