Teenage Wildlife


by Mik Blyth

Email: mikblyth@spin.net.au

I've see so much hunger....... and despair, to look into those eyes you have to be there, he's so lonely, and nothing to do but to live in hope live in a dream live in a world where no one cares where no one cares but a very few They are angels doing the best they can under the circumstances, of the brotherhood of man. They fight through the days with what little they've got, they live in hope they live in a dream they live in a world, where no one cares where no one cares not a cent not a dime these poor babies committed no crime. Those innocent eyes, cast a spell to look into them, you look into hell I've seen it before, I'll see it again all in the name, of the brotherhood of man the feelings I have, are feelings inside before you know it, they have died ill do the best I can, I suffer no pride, as each day goes by, I'll decide, on the fate of all the nobodies on the fate of all the babies in the name of humanity in the hope of some dignity.

Poem inspired by Bowie from Live Aid appearance

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