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13 Ways of Looking at David Bowie

by Rachel Bradley (LabyNymph)
Among thousands of screaming fans,
Glitter flew only from a few hands during the 
"Moondust will cover you" line
In "Hallo Spaceboy."

I was of three minds
Like three of Bowie's personas...
Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, and The Thin White Duke.

My stars of today
Are belittled by the talents
Of the Chameleon
        Of      Rock.

Bowie and his microphone are one.
Bowie and his microphone and his alto sax
Are one.

I do not know which to prefer;
A night watching,
A video of a Bowie concert
Or a movie starring him;
Blasting the electricity of "Earthling"
Or the smooth flow of "Black Tie White Noise."

As the melody swelled from the guitar strings,
A million flickering lighters twinkled and swayed
In the stadium
As a smooth, accented voice
Floated         out
Over the 
Hushed fans.

O Chameleon Of Rock,
Why have you, in recent years,
Not transformed a persona again?
Do you not see how fans
Adore that of you?

I know the struggle to procure tickets
And the pushing, blaring crowds at concerts,
But I know too
The adrenaline rush that comes of seeing 
Your one true idol
Live on stage.... in person.

When the Bowie concert must end,
It marks the finish
of a 
In a lifetime experience.

At the finale
Of an electric, surging Bowie song.
Even the devoted fan of classical music would cry out sharply.

He was driven across the country
In his big, black limo.
Once a fear pierced him
That he had left his powered milk and cigarettes 
On the bedside table
In the previous hotel room.

The androgynous rockstar's hands sweaty.
He must just have finished a two-and-a-half hour concert.

As the foreign city bustled around him;
The stock market climbing;
The exhausted rockstar was lulled to sleep
By the buzz of telephone wires;
His haggard form slumping 
In one of the hotel beds 
That would be near home...
At least for the next few years.

This poem is inspired by Wallace Steven's Thirteen Ways of Looking At a Blackbird.

Tribute to David Bowie

by Rachel Bradley (LabyNymph)
The space alien,
The Earthling,
The band of Spiders and lightning.
The Thin White Duke.
Never repeating, 
Always changing,
And never, ever settling.

Eyes of azure and hazel
Forever shining with new thought.
Long slender fingers
Always on the keys of the saxaphone,
Strings of the guitar,
Or wrapped primarily around the microphone.

Voice of melodic melody 
Or voice of sharp glass
Surviving through the ages.
Thrity-six years of triumph
Doesn't stand for nothing.

Ground control to Major Tom:
Ziggy lives on,
The Thin White Duke lives on,
The Earthling lives on.

From the King Bees to the lightning's strike,
To the Labyrinth 
Of all these characters created,
The legend of it all
Has given more than we will ever know.

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