Teenage Wildlife

Thirsty Boys and Girls

Ft. Lauderdale, Oct 8 1997
by Tia Doran (aka LimbLifter).
Our greedy bodies press heat towards the platform
With sparkling eyes and nervous fingers,
Unable to tell our pulses from the detonations in the walls
As the sound reverberates through our systems in one frenzied elation.

The presence of a thin figure spreads throughout the room
Until we have nowhere to move and nothing to breath.
He draws near enough to show the stains on his teeth
And the blue vein through his temple
As we're left choking with thirst and alarm.

We click our dry tongues 
And feel our hearts shudder.
Sore limbs draining muscle to bone,
We're fueled only by thrill-galvanation,
And ready to fall out from under ourselves.
The running scared,railroad speed
Beating on the skin pulled over our chests.
Three bottles of water high ahead of us
About as far from our outstretched fingers as 
A skinny,blond man in khakis 

Somewhere in the dark with his back to us
He drinks as fast as we would from a red plastic cup,
And through the shadows we can still see him clearly
And gaze with horrible desire
As he stands above us with water and stage

The gears,legs,hands,shifts of our machine
Generate heat and light through sound.
We feel our vitality running down our spines.
We feel our rhythm-pulse going as we tremble for water.

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