Teenage Wildlife

Rockin' At A David Bowie Concert

by Heather M
(to the tune of Walking in a Winter Wonderland)
Guitars acreech, are you listeing?
In the spotlight, Ziggy's glistenin'
A beautiful sight, we're turned on tonight
Rockin' at a David Bowie concert

Gone away, is the Glam King
Here to stay, is the Earthling
A beautiful sight, we're turned on tonight
Rockin' at a David Bowie concert

At the stage door we can get in trouble
Pretending that we're best friends with Iman
The security guard will push us back
Saying, "No way!
Bowie doesn't like obsessed people like you."

Here he comes, in his limo
Wave to him, "OH WE LOVE YOU!"
You're a beautiful sight, you're so sexy tonight
Rockin' at a David Bowie concert
Rockin' at a David Bowie concert


by Hazynerk@aol.com
I opened doors that wouldn't close
I heard voices that didn't say anything
I saw children
Psychodelic girls running
Little mettle face boys crying
Struggle with something that's screaming and dreaming
Down in a place of red
Paint me grey
It may solve my problems
Sing of Lady Fish
And hand me my guitar
There's more to this than what we are
Nothing is real
Insanity: take me away
Insanity: heal me
Help me not to see red any more
The machines are coming
And I need a place to hide
Paint me grey
It may solve my problems
I will blend in with everything you fling at me
Pitch a fit
And shut the doors
Some how
The voices say things now
And the pictures flash before me
In all colors
I am insane
And I am painted grey.

A Poem Dedicated to D. Bowie Songs

by Hazynerk@aol.com
"Little Wonder" that I'm "The Man Who Sold The World."  There are a million
"Criminal World(s)", but here I am "The Superman," living here.  I keep
"Telling Lies" about all the times I've been caught "Breaking Glass." It's
such a shame, I had very "Wishful Beginnings." So I'll be a "Rebel (Rebel)"
and shoot down "The Karma Man." I'll screw up the "Candidate" and whirl around
with "The Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family." After all the
"Absolute Beginners" are gone, I'll sink in the "Quicksand" and be remembered
as "Ziggy stardust."

The Prayer

by Hazynerk@aol.com
They called it the Prayer Machine
It's answer was law
Down upon their knees they would bend
And it's name they would call,
"Prayer Machine!  Prayer Machine! You're law, our law.  Show us the way!"
Was their depressing chant
Those with life's plastic treasures
Would come before it with heads bowed
Thinking it gave them their wealth
Stupid fools
They walked past the Glorified One to this world
Of no right, no wrong, and no light
No one knew the true way
Emily was sucked in
And Evan was an outcast
Their world was destoried
The pitifuly pieces fell through their hands
And slipped through their fingers
Life had become a nightmare
And hatered sucked out everyone's thoughts
Yet still they prayed to this Prayer Machine
Wicked, foolish thing it was
It played with their minds
And erased thier memory
Giving peole a place of slavery
There was always a nighttime sky
Before thier clouded eyes
As they repeated their chant
And recieved the law
Of the Prayer Machine

I think I need to explain this poem. Obviously there is reference to the song Savior Machine, but when I had written this I had only heard of the song, i had never actually heard it. So gathering the extremely out-there imagination i had at the time, i put it with what i knew about Bowie and this poem came out! The name Evan came from the song Star.

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