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Narcissus' Song | Various and Sundry Infections of My Reasoning

Narcissus' Song

by Hugh Tann
we are reflective and satellite
we are beauties redoubled
I am you in watery flesh
you are my soul upon the grass
we are kissing, I become ripples
then resurface to kiss you again
touched, I break again
(then solid as you)
you fall into me
to hover above the drowned
the ripples don't matter to us
we are consumnate.

Various and Sundry Infections of My Reasoning

by Hugh Tann
We sit-she in the sun-I blinkblink sun-blinded
as she soaks it all in and redirects-radiates it;
I found catharsis in her glowing skin that day.

And I want to belong to you without being a
scented candle, lit-unlit-lit-snuffed out;
residues scraped away-me thrown away once
your heat's melted me and my perfume's staled.

And she likes the taste of a match lighting her
I watch the hybrid androgyne pirouette-even on
off nights(he's slicker than he knows).
Somewhere way back I confused my id with my

I've got glitter under my fingernail and you're
gliding through the travel guide section,
and I think I might sincerely love you already-
after all, I've read half of your mysteries.
Never forget how to sleep, children, you might
have to live this life.

I'm picking glitter from beneath my fingernail;
I'm picking glitter from my brain,
and you're dancing in a mutilated neck-tie...
And I can't remember exactly where in our
conversation you made me your friend and I
wanted you as my lover.

I am palimpsest, I am the Imp of the Perverse,
I am Osiris, I am Buddha of a Cracked
Metropolis, and Madonna of the Bittersweet;
though I dole out my mysteries to follies and
my aura burns blue I am not whole.

And 'Accidently Kelly Street', and she's happy,
I might have even strummed my fingers a bit-
it was infectious,
then we smoked and tried to figure out if the
bird that targeted us was sick and I blurred the
gender lines for you.
(Like) Lady Macbeth I try to wash off the glitter
spots that embody my guilt and grief.


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