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An Acrostic for Dreams

An Acrostic for Dreams

by Jenny Pakkala
Email: jpake@hotmail.com
D is for depressed, depressed because I can't be with him.
A for acoustic guitar of course,
V stands for verbal because he always knows what to say.
I is for irreplacable; he holds a permanent place in my heart.
D is for distracting, I can't seem to concentrate on anything but him!

B means best, the best of the best, of course!
O for ouchie, this is how my heart will feel when he *dies.
W is for witty, you know, he is quite intelligent.
I means idol, I worship him as one of my "Heroes"
E is for everything, that what this name is to me.
*- David Bowie may die someday in body, but his memory lives on...


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