Teenage Wildlife

Bright Falling Star

by Jane Gilmartin.
We gaze vacantly upon the night
With darkness in our eyes
And delight to see a falling star
But never realize
That beyond the brilliant trail of light
Something splendid dies

Now hear this David Robert Jones
And take heart if you do
Just like what you once wrote for Zimmerman
I'm writing this for you

I stand against a wall and see you dancing
And I refuse the empty tempo of your beat
And I wonder if I help to ease the pressure 
Of the weight of millions dancing on your feet

Still I explore deserted hallways
And I paint the letters "DJ" on the wall
So that if by chance you ever venture back here
You'll know you did have some believers after all

We who filed past still tend your circle
And keep our lanterns burning Low for you
But a circle can't continue if it's broken
And you left a gaping hole where you broke through

Through the aperture we look at you and wonder
Do you intend to leave us clinging to your ghosts?
We are forced to try and keep the party going 
While we watch strangers ravaging our host

It makes me sad to see you dance with strangers
You play the real cool trader like a pro
But something in your words says you'll be back here
There is something there that tells me that you know

You said if I could grasp it I was blameless
And I repeat those parting words in my mind
But understanding doesn't make me happy
I'm still the one you chose to leave behind

Now you've got me back at your beginning
Hoping against hope for Life On Mars
But it seems you've left me nothing to look up to
Except a sky you've filled with falling stars


Jane says: "In the way of explanation, this poem was written shortly after the release of Let's Dance, which signalled to me a rather abrupt departure from what Bowie had been doing up until that point. I was more than a little upset with him. I use a lot from Scary Monsters to illustrate my point. Also, I feel Bowie finally redeemed himself and returned to his brilliance with the release of Outside."

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