Teenage Wildlife


by Jenstrdust@aol.com.
Ziggy has fallen
the world will end
spacelove to where no one has been

I sit on the edge, i wonder what happened
i sit on the edge, the edge of the moon
nowhere was someone, but Ziggy has fallen

the darkness flows around me to something to wonder
crystal clear eyes of blue and black flowing hair
no one has anything so far away from reality

Ziggy has fallen
the world will end
spacelove to where no one has been


by Jenstrdust@aol.com.
farther out than Major Tom
sat and watched the stardust fly
a figure came and lifted me high
above the world i looked below
so high i sat, i began to glow
but in the night Ziggy lost his grip
and i fell to earth on a long trip
never again i reached so high
never again i touched the sky


by Jenstrdust@aol.com.
Moondust to be seen
feel the warm glow
towards it i lean
wishing time was slow

No one hears my cries
but it's still the same
as my soul dies
my body seems so tame

Moondust to be seen
fallen back to space
the world is so mean
that such familiar place

Where i look i see
everybody goes
but never time for me
still caught between the rows

Moondust to be seen
so close to the end
i became a queen
their lives i shall mend

In his clear blue eyes
i see the truth so wild
nothing there but lies
as innocent as a child

Moondust to be seen
the end has finally come
killed with a skean
my body left dead and numb

As i reach the light
my mind is like a maze
then it all fades into night
and i'm left inside a daze

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