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by KB
Twice crows the cock who rises with the sun
Awakened by a sense of loneliness.  Does one man know not of what he does to achieve such grey bliss?
No matter, I still have my mind to probe the Erie substance called reality.
To play with reality is such a dance.  To mix insanity with reality is sure doom.
But one does not see these things when stirring the very loneliness in a mans heart.
He has not one thing to put his words to, thus speaks aloud to relieve his anguish.
This total insecurity found in every mans brain has no doubt swept across my inner sanctum.  Washing my soul with bitter loneliness.
Bitter is the word
for sweetness does not exist in my world.
Thus all the niceties that thrive in one mans burning desires, could surely not survive in mine.
My own desires are to have no desires.
For in a desolate mind, a mind conformed of utter space, there is no room for wanting.  All I can do in the time that passes, is to sit and watch.
But watch what?, as my eyes are blank with a fixation on the world.
An unbearable world.
My eyes choose not to see because they have seen enough.
Enough to tell them the desert from the window is swept with corpses.
Enough to tell them there is nothing left.
Enough to tell them they are the only eyes on this empty planet.
No, I know not what I have done to achieve this grey bliss
And grey is the word.
It is the right word for a room as cold as mine.  A room where not one soul can hear my words.
I remember though.  I do remember the final sound that quavers in my ears till this day.
The last thing I heard was an animal...........................................

Twice crows the cock who rises with the sun


by KB


The Essence Of Death

by KB

Inspired by the song The Supermen.

Give me the essence of death
so that the blood leaks from my veins.

Take away my legs so that I will not wander
Take away my eyes so that I no longer see
Take away my thoughts to ease my brain

Let my flesh rot and stink
Let my body turn to stone
Take away my skin, let my spirit roam free.

Give me the essence of death
so that I may no longer feel.

Take away the chains of life
Take away the numbness of being
Take away the isolation

Let my mind cease to think
Let my body turn to bone
Take away this tragic gift of immortality.


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