Teenage Wildlife
David Bowie's Autograph

David Bowie's Autograph

by Lady Labyrinth
A dance with chance
I'd like to take
Someday when I awake
To see the star shining through

Star-crossed from me to you
A shooting star
make a wish
before it vanishes

A star singularly shining
brightening in the night
despite the increasing fright

A voice
pure intriguing
Calling one to follow
Along regions, new cities
follow--at a distance

When will he be here?
--I think I see him now
the star shining
--Autograph delight me
A song winging through
--Did he see you?
A shadow
--Not enough courage to speak

--Reach out before it's too late
Now or never
A whisp of hope
--Could you sign this?
The words have been said
Now comes the dread of rejection
A quick flourish of a pen
--I did it

Withdraw from the crowd
Suddenly it sinks in
"I've seen him!"
Who might that be?
Don't you know?
It's DB!


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