Teenage Wildlife

Conversation Piece with a Wild Eyed Boy

by Melanie33
Forsaken and Lost
Beyond the grasp 
Of the Saviour Machine.
Crying out to a lad
Insane without you.

My death approaches
From across the Universe,
But God knows I'm good
And He'll never let me down.

But I'm too dizzy
So I stand here at a bus stop
And I stare in fascination
As people shout, "Watch that man!"
He's on top the Motel.
"Jump", they say and "Sacrifice yourself"
"But don't look down."

With a sense of doubt
I wonder "Who can I be now?"
Then a london boy approches me
And says, "Gimme your hands,
'Cause you're wonderful!"
"Stay and take my tip
You better hang onto yourself
Because it ain't easy
And you're such a pretty thing."

"We've got no control
Because we're here today
and gone tomorrow.
We all go through changes
And god only knows
Just how much time we have.
So, Let's dance!"
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