Teenage Wildlife
Alchemy | Flames Of Life


by Nathaly Dorset
Email: dorset@sdv.fr
A strange fascination
Calls me again
A blue eye a green eye
A dazzle
Of voices and lights.

I am wandering
On the line of time
Wandering through
Your amber smile.

Moment of pure happiness
That washes
The rust of days
That haunts 
My mind
Cuts and burns
My soul

Flames Of Life

by Nathaly Dorset
Email: dorset@sdv.fr
Flames of life
Into the clear hearth
Of these eyes
Give me 
Intensity !
Yes I want 
The Incandescence
The Fire
Of a perfect Second


Note: These two poems are from Nathaly's book of poems called Sables mouvants (Quicksands). A few of these are translated into English, the rest are in French. Nathaly is selling her book of poems for 55FF, and you can contact her at her email address above.

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