Teenage Wildlife

Crying Town Crier

by Poopygan2
Walk to wait,
in line of hate,
tenthousand steel faces unwrap their straw fate

Mistake in gereral,
fast war fashion is bland,
Back out your brother, 
stretch out your red hand

Becoming crazed someone,
someone in back
run free and start leading,
start leading the pack

Make sure not to stop
make do persevere,
all regulars blocked,
not your thoughts

Gamble it quickly,
assuredly be, 
make nice with the ladies,
but don't let them see

Your prevalent intention seems almost to weak
hoist up the inner brave fists that you seek
But not with ill ignorance,
substance, no brain,
make them see clearly,
then if not,
in vain

for others near you will not think it out, it's 
harder for them to not see a bout.

Every, every, this is and that,
a crying town crier.

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