Teenage Wildlife


by Rion Bailey aka SpAcEbOy .
I wait to see your odd and even eyes
Under a sky they say is just a xerox of a dream
There are scars on the  handheld mirrors again
We can hide behind them
Blissful is the torture of their advice
But remember
They always let you down when you need them
Running off with angels
And strangers when we collide

The noose, a necklace
I wore it to the prom
And won the prize
And your heart
You could look into my eyes
But could you get over the loss?
I want you
To have and to hold
To believe in modern love
The sun rises tonight
Over our heads

Are you there?
I think I'm losing my way...
It's not the side effects of the caffeine
It's the kiss I've never felt
And maturing into nothing
That has become my downfall

We're like children
Selling tears door to door
And hiding behind trees
In clear cut areas
A cancer extending life, you
A disease relieving pain, you
But is it too late to be grateful?
After all, we're only inhuman
Eroded by our tears
And sickened
By the patterns of oxygen

Will you be my living end?
Be my living end
I'm always walking into the same wall
I'll never learn
But I flinch
To entertain family and friends
Painting bruises on my body
For the attention

Sometimes you get so lonely
You told me so
Sometimes you get nowhere
But at least you've got a place to go
I'm coming home
Once I find it
And I hope
You'll be waiting there for me

My love
I'm only dancing alone
Day after day
I'm dreaming, wide awake
Of you
And the quicksand has sent invitations:
To embrace
In tears again
One last time
As we sink...


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