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Bleak Streak

by West.
I just, accidentally, opened my eyes
Opened them to the truth around us
It's not pretty, it is in fact quite ugly
I opened my eyes and fear and stupidity and ignorance and fear and hate poured in
*water through a broken dam*
I tried to close them, but you can never go back
Now I cease to live
Now I just stumble on
Glassy eyed
Because I've died
A thousand deaths wrapped in one
And there's no Empathy, no Sympathy
I'm an empty shell
I wait for death
A death I freely accept and understand
I've got nothing left to give
Buth the big vacuum
keeps on sucking....

View From The Window

by West.
glare in the window is the artist's love,
horrid blue hides the suited wonders
and the ghosts watch in silent disgust
as you waste your life-
in your Bowie reality
dissecting each second
not noticing the blue getting darker

e...l c e love go ol to die a

by West.
and for my but within tey is my a the f
equa bir Bird s \i love poweR To fe 
your preser  never  my goal creating
ect iC views on of life my young
freckles\ throught me ends e waiver sy ggy
fro ife erfec we ppy polly loggy
coursing go to the b for m and o
or it is shall M In your eyes
my an y and joy&optimism ream now i
don't for the full o is p te in hurried
ever one is my awe you have is
Ode to s I a echoe a my inact for
thi eling inac e to fe

e, Is Poi Won't Aln Els I eome nost G N Eve

by West.
1.1 3.St gr 5.Sta re, the follo
<2, <3 and <5=<6, a the following
2.<4 5.<5 measu sure o 14.Compl
Theo G: ent Angles ing with giv- e
statements atements to A is the sup-
mplies that 1.Draw that on another.
3.Write m<A 5.Write th 7.Write +
9.Wr y of Equality zes a series
of are underline the arrows r
are written be en the definition
One w ple is a fe G P Flow
follow ========== les and ing pairs
of a   ========== 8.Wh then 10.Writ
measure of its c sure of the ang
owing proof. lemen taru, then O. Ex
the mea- s for the foll uent and supp
e measure of 9 cises to answer ex
line, then the ur diagram for
a pr te the theorem o on that
is about s. | m? y do two ar
n? e a flow |


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