Teenage Wildlife

My Passionate Lothario

To David
by Sylvie A.
Email: jaaucoin@pei.sympatico.ca
A desire to be with you, an unexpressional need, a
thirst of want, the drink of pure nirvana.
Haunting my prey, methods unlike your disguise.
A mask you wear upon your angelic face.
You transform to fit the coming generation, while I
hide behind shadows of your metamorphosis.
Incognito, close yet still unknown, you're so
unaware of my knowledge.
You lewd habits, spiteful behavior, but nothing will
ever change how I feel.
To watch your graceful stride, to see that vampiric smile spread
across your lips.
A small gift presented to my emotions, but it doesn't matter,
you're walking away and that smile was never meant for me.
The downfall of infatuation.
You are in my collected thoughts at the back of my mind
 - a constant- eating away at all common sense and
sending me in a downward spiral of obsession.
The constant need for your voice, your reassurance providing
artificial stability.
Such a gesture will only give me temporary comfort before
I will worsen.
Before I will realize that my heart is breaking - intense distress-
clear thoughts are no longer possible, and that your rapturousness
tantalizes my soul, on the verge of cracking.
If you only knew...if you only knew


by Sylvie A.
Email: jaaucoin@pei.sympatico.ca
Abstract thoughts thoughts thinking innocence
Blow me away
Lack of life, gained in chains
Shield yourself from the world
Come out in shades of gray, protect the obvious
Ilusion of eternal bliss
Synthetic lives, telling the truth, keeping the lies
Pointing finger lingers on the soul, drawing the enevitable
from the mind, pooling tears drip.
Lost away in obsession, the alluring thrill of the deadly threat
Why this alienation of vulnerability?
Striking closeness, lying on the wind, blowing away insanity, drinking up
the sinned.
Violation of the EXPOSED


by Sylvie A.
Email: jaaucoin@pei.sympatico.ca
Love you
Need you
See you
Hear you
Taste you
Touch you
Own you
Lust you

Straight Jacket

by Sylvie A.
Email: jaaucoin@pei.sympatico.ca
Rythmic heartbeat.
A pulsating relentless pattern of rage,
built up inside.
Breakfree of yourself and come back to me.
I'll caress away your suppressment, embellish
your wants.
I  understand......completely

Distorted Euphoria

by Sylvia A.
Email: jaaucoin@pei.sympatico.ca
Protrude within the minds of the tortured,
Same as the bored, and discover the truth.
What lies beneath the veil of smoke.
Wanting to wipe out inferiority
Cling to the future 
And realize that lives sparkle when vain prevails.

Reminisce with the past
Dance with memories unlike your own,
And finally exhale the pain of age.
Lie forward to emotion
Jerk back to feeling
Ad the freefalling stars of dawn will always save those who understand 
That need is want, 
And want is need.

Breathe in the scent of lust
And arch to the heat of passion
A desire to break the habit 
And remind yourself to die 
Before you wake up to reality.
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