Teenage Wildlife


by Andromache
Email: jlc_fox@yahoo.com
what a beautiful feeling
to be able to pour out your misery
to give it a name
a release
to achieve a sense of freedom
from the pains of life
the tribulations of love
the upset of emotions
to elevate yourself from the lows
by using a beautiful word
to find true utopia 
you need melancholy 


by Andromache
Email: jlc_fox@yahoo.com
Red lips
Pouting and bold
Beautiful eyes
Staring and cold
Firm grip
Heads a trip
Fingers long
Playing your song
Tall frame
Pointing the blame
Hands wandering
Never blundering
Bodies touching
Meaning nothing
Lance evolving
Gun revolving
Speaking slow
Moving fast
Pressure rising
Forever trying
Heat increasing
Souls merging
Bodies touching
Thoughts dividing
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