Teenage Wildlife

If Only

by Jo Hartley
Email: jojay@teenagewildlife.com
If only I could lay my hands upon your face,
and wipe away the years with one tender embrace,
If only I could hold you within my loving gaze,
and see away the lonely nights and all the lonely days,
If only I could, with just one gentle kiss,
bring back the face my heart does sorely miss,
and that our lips together, intertwined as one,
could restore a smile that warms me like the sun,
If only with every single beating of my heart,
I could heal the gap that's tearing us apart,
Standing on one side, I'd reach out for your hand,
and draw you over to me, so you could understand,
I'd hold you in my arms, and without a single word,
I'd tell your heart everthing that mine has ever heard,
and when the moments over, and the stories at it's end,
I'll love you just the way you are and never think 'If only' again.
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