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Bowie Poetry

by Karin
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In the afternoon of the day
I first heard the music you play
It took my breath away
And made me stay home that day

I hear you all day long 
Believing in you`ll never be wrong
For doing that I`m strong

I`m crazy for you
I never let you through

I love you now and forever !

David Bowie

I`ll give all 
For a kiss of you
You only need to call
But that you`ll never do

It would make me proud
To touch your body and face
I wouldn`t need time to think about
I choose you from all boys in space

Hearing your voice in the radio
Make my thoughts to drift away
Other people say about me oh no
But my dream of you`ll stay ...

Day By Day

My biggest wish is having you by my side
The best all day and all night

A sensual kiss
From your warm sweet lips
Would make my thoughts fly high
Into the dark blue sky

It is exciting to look at you
Your eyes, one green, one blue
Fantastic to see your well - formed mouth
And your perfect nose above

The whole person`s beautiful
With a voice concise and sensual

Poem for David

Every time I think of you
I loose my sense of reality
Everybody means it can`t be true
But I have no other possibility

Hearing your sensual voice
I have no choice
My soul disappears
And I can`t hold my tears

I`m dreaming of having you 
As my great husband
You can see I`m feeling blue
`Cause my dreams will never land

I won`t give up my hopes
To see and feel you some time
That drives my on the high ropes
For reaching that I`d commit every crime

I think your lips taste sweet
Your existance make me weak
I wish you could feel my heart beat
`Cause I`m your biggest freak !

I`m dreaming of you all time long
And it`ll never be wrong
During that time I`m feeling fine
Oh god, why couldn`t he be mine ?

David, I do all for you
Hear my words
You must know I`m feeling blue
`Cause not having you hurts !

You`re my Star in Heaven !

Dream of Major Tom

At the end of a day
I hear David `s music play
Laying there in my room 
Watching the wonderful moon
And also millions of stars
Let me think of Jupiter and Mars
I want to go into outer space
And leave the cruel human race
I hope I won`t get any trouble
I don`t wanna have any struggle
Maybe I^tll meet Major Tom
For doing a lot of things & having fun
And talking about experiences
For example some crazy dances
With some big space ships
And in the morning we`ll eat fish and chips
So we can spend a nice time together
Maybe we`ll stay there together forever

Little Glass Spider

"Nothing was wrong 
 Until that crazy day
 I wanted you to stay
 But you were long gone"

The little Glass Spider was alone
And felt terrible blue
So he hide himself under a stone
`Cause he didn`t know what to do

After a week and a day
The water was still away
The Glass Spider left the stone
To find anywhere a new & nicer home

He was everywhere at every place
But he found nothing to call his own
He also didn`t see another face
So he died horrible alone !
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