Teenage Wildlife


by Stardust Baby (Jen Lam)
Email: jekkiechick@teenagewildlife.com
You've gotten old these

and i had looked forward
so much to see the stardust glow in your
from face first finality
i fell
to my knees
and my head throbbed in angst

i live in a delicious wonderworld where you are eternal,
you see
and i feel as though i have been left out
i don't regret not knowing you sooner
only that i didn't realise you were mortal

how i love your hair in its mess

i am so angry at you
at me
at me

i have been left alone in some stardust and i can't accept that
i need you
don't you understand
i want you to save me from my sorry little life

your voice

your damn voice in my heart  mind  blood  hands
i can't let you go now


there's something i want you to know as we are descending this rich green
hill of yours:

i've loved you
and i love you

even now.
as your psychedelic fragile beauty slips

i shall keep you somewhere between my heart and mind
as you have given me my

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