Teenage Wildlife

A whisper for David Bowie

by Kirsty Mather
Email: jareth74@davidbowie.com
Hear me sigh and shed a tear
All I want is for you to be near
Nobody can make me smile like you can
Oh how I wish I could be more than a fan
I dream of you everytime I close my eyes
So at least I know just where my heart lies
And when I see you it beats faster until
A single tear runs down my cheek and still
I smile because I don't want you to see me cry
I cry because I love you so much it hurts
So you help me by saying something to soothe me
Help me by making me laugh out loud
I never thought I could feel this way
About anyone I've ever met at all, but,
Since I found you I have learned the truth
And that is I cannot possibly love anyone but you
I know it's a serious thing to say
But I'd be happy to repeat it any old day
Such is my love so strong for you
You're the only reason I get up each day
The only thing I have to look forward to
That I actually enjoy for real
Once I almost died and left the doctors baffled
A miracle I survived, they said, I should've died...
But I held on for you, I never stopped thinking of you
I'm so hung up on you
That my only regret in life
Is not being the one who married you
I know you love her dearly and I respect that
But she'll never love you half as much as I do
Ever...And I'll never stop loving you as long as I live.

Alexandria Zahra Jones

by Kirsty Mather
Email: jareth74@davidbowie.com
Butterflies in the springtime
Fawns in the meadow
Kittens with a ball of string
Puppies playing tug-of-war
Other newborn babies sleeping
A crystal moon and starry night
Sunbeams on the sparkling water
Fluffy bunnies bounding happily
Eagles soar majestically
Waterfalls create rainbows
Pale blue skies and crisp white snow
The northern lights sparkle brightly
Birds are chirping,singing tunes,
Children are flying kites,laughing,
City lights shining brightly
Beautiful swans staying afloat
Lillies blooming on the pond's surface
The sun blazing in the heavens above
Streaming light through the canopy
A lush,green rainforest boasts ancient secrets
Everywhere stands impressive city landscapes
Circus stars,both glamerous and a spectacle,
Dolphins swimming,the oceans blue,
There are roses around the door
Snowflakes in the garden
But none of these things are noticed now
The world has paused to welcome Her
The new arrival of Iman and David
Hardly surprising for...
She simply outshines them all
Welcome Alexandria.

My David Bowie

by Kirsty Mather
Email: jareth74@davidbowie.com
I phoned you up one summer morning
And asked if you were free
You said you'd be right over
As soon as possibly
You knocked upon my door and then
We took a long walk together
Just you and I alone
We took a walk through Central Park
And visited the Queen in England
She offered you a knighthood
But with modesty you refused 
You took me on a boat-ride
In Paris with champagne and jelly
You kissed me under the Eiffel Tower
Then we went back home to talk
Over a cup of coffee I asked you
If you would kindly sign my poster
You agreed and I got your autograph
And we took a photo together
Just before it was time to go
I never wanted to say goodbye
I should not have let you leave
As I watched you hail a taxi
A single tear I shed
Just before you got in,though,
You turned to me and said:
"I'll always be in your heart"
Then you got in and left
I smiled and thought maybe 
Someday you would come back
Ah, but alas it was merely another dream...
Story of my life really...

My Whitelighter

by Kirsty Mather
Email: jareth74@davidbowie.com
Walking through shadows into the night
So cold and damp like evening dew
A breeze picks up and I shiver
There are strange noises all around
And my heartbeat quickens real fast
On my way I pass a cemetary
Then my imagination goes wild
I see things slowly moving in there
Slowly coming towards me, I panic,
I start to run the other way
And bump into someone else
I look up at him and almost faint
Oh my God it's David Bowie!!
I sigh with relief and pull him closer
He places his arms around me and holds me tight
I notice a strange, silvery light about him
And realise he has beautiful, white wings
I pull away from him and stare
He merely scowls at me playfully and I grin
He takes me by the hand and says:
"I am here to protect you forever more."
I glance up at him and he is truthful
I gaze into his eyes and say in reply:
"David Bowie,your eyes reflect my soul,
In their depths I see the real 'Me',
And I have peace."
He smiles and suddenly vanishes
And so I walk on...
With my whitelighter now watching over me...
...I am fearless.
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