Teenage Wildlife


by Brooke Nilsson
Email: bloodyweird@teenagewildlife.com
i used to have a final goal
but it's hopeless now
everything's shit now

live your dreams they said
how was i supposed to know
that they chose them for you?
and nailed them in your head
and slammed you up against the wired fence
and scremed out all the rules.

tried to break away,live your life 
your own way,see the colors in full array.

had to take out all the Precious things,
cramming your brain full of shame.
Trying hard not to play their game.

tried so hard to run away.

But the're crowding arond now
cramming you down to the ground
pushing you futher in their immortal

before they sufficate me and leave me
dead, I scream out all the things left 
in my head,
please! let me be myself
not just another thing put
on the self.

please... leave me alone
let me be by myself
please... let me be myself

Why can't they just leave me alone?

leave me alone
leave me alone
leave me alone

alone, alone, alone...

please.....just leave me alone.

....... [sob].
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