Teenage Wildlife

The 13th Hour

by Aoiffe O'Suilleabhain
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He won't forget, can't forget that 13th hour in the crystal ball.            
In that perfect sphere, the fragile bubble, he gave her her dream
Dancing, spinning on that ballroom floor,
how could enemies ever fall in...
Enemies fall in love?
He moves the stars for no one, he changes time for no one,
Yet he sacrificed it all.
The stars moved for her, time moved for her...
And the 13th hour came into being.
But she wouldn't accept, couldn't accept,
even thought she wanted...NO.
He wanted.
But dancing, spinning in that crystal dream,
how could they not fall in...
Not fall in love?
She realized, she fought, she shattered it all.
Broken dreams, crystal shards embedded themselves in flesh,
His soul torn apart by jagged SHARP
Whirling, churning heart's blood
How could she, why would she destroy a tortured love?
But it happened, a true love between enemies...destroyed
In the 13th hour.
The 13th hour, where anything can happen...
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