Teenage Wildlife

For Ziggy

by silverem
Email: babygracebowie@yahoo.com
I likened you to the ocean
and to the shine of gold
But you're ever just as distant
And every bit as cold

I likened you to candlesmoke
because it caresses air
Indeed it often seems caressed
whenever you are there

I likened you to incense
before I came to find
You're truly no less wonderful
than the scent it left behind

I likened you to cinders
that burnt out much too fast
Because they glow from light within
Too beautiful to last

I likened you to Stardust
but never knew just why
And before I hardly knew you
It was time to say goodbye.

Love for Aladdin Sane

by silverem
Email: babygracebowie@yahoo.com
I'll give you my hands-I'm alone all the same 
Five years gone by but we all feel the shame 
The lovechildren wander; their eyes are now misted 
With truths Ziggy gave them when Earth still existed.  
His face was so pretty, His lips and His hair 
But we are the dead, and we no longer care
We killed him. He killed us.  
You're left all alone 
You run to the window, wish someone would phone 
The Prettiest Star is outshined by the dawn
Who to spend the night with when everyone's gone?  
The stage is deserted 
and Death took its toll 
Abandoning you with your poor grinning soul
If only you knew what I'd do for your smile 
If only you knew me as your rest and peace child 
Still you dash away with roses
and you know not to fake it                                      
Breaking up is hard 
but you know we can't make it 
For I went with Him, too- now you know very well 
That somehow the Pretty Things end up in Hell.
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