Teenage Wildlife

A Land Serene

by Alys
Disclaimer: All characters from the film Labyrinth are the property of Henson Productions. All the rest is mine.

Ch. 1: Jareth & Eeriene (The Beginning of it All)

Jareth, King of the Goblins, sat upon his throne, brooding. It had been nearly 20 years since his encounter with Sarah, and less time since other *incidents*. He wished sometimes that he could forget the past. He tapped his whip absently against his boots, glancing around the room idly.

The throne room was a mess as always, something unfortunately to be expected when you were a ruler of a thousand or so goblins. He sighed. Someone should teach them some hygiene.

Eeriene opened the Labyrinth script. She flipped thru the pages to her favorite part, the ballroom scene. She read the words quietly to herself, visualizing the heady romanec of the scene in her mind. Instead of Jareth dancing with Sarah, he danced with her. She saw herself adorned in a navy silken gown, with sapphires at her ears, and a necklace of diamonds at her throat.

Jareth looked into her eyes, and lowered his head to kiss her.....


Eeriene jerked up her head in surprise. Her mother poked her head in thru the door.

"Time for dinner," she said, smiling. Eeriene nodded, and her mother closed the door. She read thru the scene once more, then sighed. The labyrinth wasn't real, no matter how hard she wished.

"Sweet thing, youb'e born once again" David Bowie sang, before she cut him off, flipping off her CD player and popping the Station To Station disc back into its case. She put the script carefully away into her dresser drawer, and went downstairs for supper.

Ch. 2: Eeriene's Journal

"No matter how hard I wish, the labyrinth will never be real. I wish that it would, I really do. But I have little faith in fantasy anymore...."

"It is too hard to live in the real world, and I have little time for fantasy. My only retreat from reality is my dreams, and even then, reality intrudes all too often."

"I dreamed of the Goblin King last night. He was presplendent in his sequinned jacket, and how my heart fluttered. He looked into my eyes, and it felt like he could see down into my very soul. I remember shivering with the thought. He just smield and I knew that he could read my mind. Too bad that I couldn't read his, I thought. The he spoke."

" 'Eeriene, believe in the labyrinth,' he said softly, caressing my cheek. 'It is as real as you and I.' And, as he was baout to say something else, I could see his lips forming a word, I had the misfortune to wake from my sleep."

"If only the dream had continued. I haven't dreamt of him since then. It is a torment, and I think of the labyrinth daily, always wishing, always hoping. But, I wonder, what would I do if it were real?

"Yours, E."

Ch. 3: Jareth

"Why can't she believe?" Jareth muttered to himself. He gripped the crystal ball with a fierce intensity. He tossed it up into the air, where it convieniently vanished. The goblin guarding the door shrank away in preparation for a scathing tirade from his leader.

Jareth swore and leapt to his feet, pacing the floor. The goblin scurried out the door hurridly, wanting to be far away when Jareth's temper finally exploded. A crystal appeared in Jareth's hand, and he flung it against the wall. It shattered with a satisfying crash. He sighed and turned to the window, watching the movement in the city below.

It was market day in the Goblin City, and sure to be chaotic. Goblins scurried this way and that, in no particular direction. Nearby, two golblin merchants were arguing over a collision. Another few goblins berated a shopkeeper who had run out of rum. Jareth shook his head, and looked further from the Goblin city, to the edges of the Labyrinth.

The clouds gathered on the horizon, reflecting his mood. The forest nearby was dark, and he could smell the coming rain on the light breeze. The gates to the Labyrinth were shut, and Jareth wished suddenly for them to open, and to admit the petite, raven-haired Eeriene. He wanted to prove to her that he wasn't just a dream, or a fantasy of Sarah's. He wanted to be real.

"Just let me in," he said, his voice tight with frustration. "Let me in and you will see. I cannot arrive without first being summoned." He turned away from the window in disgust and retired to his private chambers.

Ch. 4: Eeriene Dreams (She's Going to Say the Words)

Eeriene sat in her room, her friend Dzianna sitting on the edge of her bed.

"She's going to say the words...." Eeriene said in a scratchy goblin voice. She giggled at the look on Dzianna's face.

"Don't tell me that you've never seen the film?" she asked her friend. Dzianna shook her head.

"Never," Dzianna said. "Fantasy, especially children's fantasy, isn't to my taste." Eeriene shook her head in disbelief.

"You should watch it, Z," she said. "It's one of the best, and besides, David Bowie is to die for!" Dzianna sighed.

"Do you want to come over and watch Nightmare on Elm Street?" she asked.

"No, I think I'm going to stay home tonight," Eeriene replied.

Eeriene read over the script, reading the scene where Sarah first met the Goblin King.

You're no match for me Sarah, Jareth said.
But I have to have my brother back, Sarah said desperately.
He must be so scared.
Sarah, go back to your room. Play with your toys and your costumes.
Forget about the baby.

Eeriene sighed. If only the labyrinth was real. She slipped the script under her pillow and relaxed. She clasped her Celtic pendant -two dragons intertwined- absently, taking comfort in the pagan faith. She closed her eyes, and visualized herself in Sarah's place during that first scene.

Eeriene stood tall, arrogantly, not even trembling at the sight of the Goblin King. He smiled at her, laughter dancing in his eyes. "Where have you taken the child?" she asked, her voice surprisingly quiet. "Does it matter?" Jareth asked, "when you do not believe?" Eeriene's eyes widened in surprise. Jareth began to step out onto the window ledge. "Ask yourself Eeriene," he said, his voice low, almost seductive. He stepped from the ledge, turning into a white owl. The owl fluttered near the window for a moment, then flew off into the night.

Eeriene woke abruptly, freezing cold. She sat up in bed, slowly regaining her senses. She glanced around her room, to her window. It was wide open, and she knew that it had been closed when she had first slept. A nagging feeling gnawed at her insides, making her heart race. It couldn't be real, could it?

Ch. 5: Jareth

Jareth sat on his throne, watching Eeriene thru the crystal he had perched on his finger. She sat at her vanity, brushing her hair so that it glistened in long waves over her shoulders. So much like Sarah, he thought, yet so different.

Last night had only been slightly successful. He could tell that she still didn't believe, but he knew that she was doubting that belief. He had frightened her a bit, he knew, by leaving her window open after he had perched there, watching her sleep.

A loud clatter interrupted his private thoughts. He looked up angrily, casting a glare upon the goblin in front of him.

"Greatest apologies, your majesty," the goblin said timidly, "but there is a matter of much importance!" The goblin shifted his feet warily, waiting for Jareth to speak.

"And what would this matter be, that it is so important to disturb my thoughts?" Jareth asked, still angry, but curiosity getting the better of him.

"The Labyrinth is fading!" the goblin said. Jareth looked at him in disbelief.


"Yes majesty," the goblin said. "All of the northwest edge is slowly fading. The goblins are frightened, sire."

Jareth was thunderstruck.

"Leave me," he said. "Give my assurances that I will see what I can do." The goblin bowed jerkily and left. Jareth frowned, and looked in his crystal ball once more.

The Labyrinth was fading. He couldn't see the far outside edges. Maybe the Labyrinth survived on belief, and not enough believers existed in reality to keep the Labyrinth, and him, alive. A chill went thru him at this thought.

What was he to do? He needed more believers...and that included Eeriene.

Ch. 6: Eeriene's Journal 2

"My doubts are growing as to the non-existence of the Labyrinth. I have been having disturbing dreams as of late, but last night they stopped. I liked the dreams, though they were sometimes frightening. But without them, I feel like something is wrong, but I cannot define what it is. I don't know what to do, I have no brothers or sisters to wish away to the Labyrinth, and I have no way of knowing whether or not it would work anyway. There's just this feeling that grows daily.

"I don't know, I really don't know. I wonder if all the dreams were a sign, but mostly I just chalk it up to my overactive imagination, and perhaps watching the film too many times as well.

"Is Jareth real? I wonder often, laying in my bed at night before I sleep. And, if he is real, can he charm me as he did Sarah in the film? My heart yearns for love, and sometimes I think that for love alone, I would believe in him, in the Labyrinth."

Eeriene put down her pen and sat on her bed thinking. She knew that she was rambling, but she couldn't help it. It was so hard to explain what she was feeling inside, and what forboding images she was sensing from what seemed like out of nowhere. She had seen images of places and things before, but nothing like this. Her weak psychic powers couldn't fully explain what was happening, and she didn't understand enough of the fragments that were reaching her conscious mind. She had to try something.

"I think that I will try to call to Jareth, the Goblin King," she wrote slowly, unsure of her words, and her intentions. "But how does one go about this? I have no idea even if anything of the film is real, much less able to converse with me....

"Yours, E."

Ch. 7: Eeriene Calls the Goblin King

Eeriene sat curled up in a huge quilt on her bed, clasping her Labyrinth script. She was extremely nervous, but she knew that the only way she could get rid of the uncertainty was to give it a try. She moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue.

Jareth sat in his throne room, watching Eeriene thru a crystal.

"Call Eeriene," he said softly. He looked intently into the crystal.

Eeriene called out softly.

"Goblin King?" she whispered. "Goblin King?"

Nothing happened at first. She slumped back against the headboard and sighed. Of course it wouldn't work, she thought to herself angrily. Jareth, and the Labyrinth, were only a story. They weren't real.

Jareth alighted outside Eeriene's room, in the shape of a white owl. He watched her for a few moments, then flew and perched on the ledge of Eeriene's open window. She didn't look up from her script. He sighed mentally, and made a low hooting sound.

Eeriene started in surprise. A white owl, serene and quiet, perched on her windowsill. She looked at the owl for a long moment, then stepped to the window, still clutching the quilt around her. The owl looked up at her with a sort of indifference. Eeriene looked down at it, and met its eyes. She felt like she could see into the depths of its soul, and it definitely wasn't just an owl.

She reached out a timid hand to touch it, and it perched there calmly, accepting her touch. It flexed it's wings slightly, and Eeriene stepped back. The owl stretched its wings to their full length, and glided the few feet to perch upon her shoulder.

Eeriene looked quietly at the owl, who was regarding her with intensity. Its beak brushed her face softly, then it spread its wings and fluttered out the window. Eeriene stood there as if in shock.

"Jareth..." she whispered, more to herself than to the owl. She touched her cheek where the owl had brushed her, and stood at her window for a long while afterwards.

Jareth watched Eeriene from the secrecy of a nearby oak tree. He heard her call his name, and he smiled to himself. She may believe now, he thought. If she calls again, I will respond. He fluttered from the tree, and vanished back to the Labyrinth.

Ch. 8: Fade In, Fade Out

Jareth flew over the Labyrinth, and saw the edges of the Labyrinth begin to fade to nothing. Fear pierced his heart, and he felt his spirits sinking. There was little time left, he knew, before more than the edges of the Labyrinth began to fade. The gate was still there- for now. He didn't know what to do, and for the first time in his long life, he felt totally helpless. He hated that feeling, and rebelled against it. He looked absently into the large ornate mirror that hung on one wall, and was surprised to find that he was thinner than he had imagined. He looked almost deathly. A chill ran thru him at the sight of his pale face, and bloodshot eyes, as well as his sunken cheeks.

He had to visit Eeriene again, and make her believe that the Labyrinth was real. He was close, he knew. Her beliefs were being shaken, and his appearance at her window the night before had helped to shake them just a little bit more.

He flew back to the Goblin City, and paced the floor of his luxurious private chambers. A crystal ball in a brass holder glimmered and a shape began to form within it's smoky depths. Jareth stopped his pacing and regarded the picture forming. It was Eeriene, and she was saying something. It was unintelligble to him, and the image was too blurry for him to read her lips. But her expression may have said it all. She was trying the words, the mysterious wish that brought people into the Labyrinth at will.

"I wish....." Eeriene began, then stopped. She was nervous. What if the words did send her careening into another world, the world of the Labyrinth? She had never been much good at mazes, and she would definitely be lost in one so big as the Labyrinth. But then, what else could rid her of the nagging doubts in the back of her mind, the doubts that had began to make a more prominent noise in her head. She began again.

"I wish...." she whispered softly. "I wish that the goblins would come take me away...." She paused and took a breath, trying to steady her shaking hands.

"Right now....." she closed her eyes and waited. She felt a breeze against her cheek in a few moments, and opened her eyes. Her window was open, and she was still standing in her room. Her shoulders drooped, then she heard the melodic, yet cruel, voice behind her. It could only belong to one man. Jareth, the Goblin King.

Ch. 9: Weakness

"Hello Eeriene...." Jareth began, placing a hand upon her shoulder, but still not coming to face her. "You have finally decided to say the right words." There was a tinge of laughter in his voice, overshadowed by the low seductive tone he used.

Eeriene tried to speak, but found that her voice had failed her. Jareth finally came to face her.

She shrank back as she regarded the mysterious Goblin King. Why, in the film he hadn't looked quite so sickly. He seemed so fragile, yet power emanated from his form. She gasped in shock as she met his eyes. The blue and hazel orbs seemed to stare right down into her very soul. She was transfixed.

Jareth spoke again.

"You have thirteen hours in which to solve the Labyrinth," he began, waving a hand. Eeriene noticed that they were suddenly at the main gate. "If you fail, then you may be turned into a goblin..." his voice faded, as did his thin form. Eeriene was alone, and had barely the time to contemplate what she had gotten herself into.

Jareth appeared back in his private chambers, where he immediately collapsed onto his soft silken bedcovers. He felt drained, and he couldn't believe that it had taken so much energy to transport the girl here. He sighed and stretched out, feeling the blood rush thru his limbs. He felt tired, oh so tired. Maybe some rest would bring his energy back.

Eeriene strode down to the gates of the Labyrinth. There was no dwarf or goblin to meet her. That's strange, she thought to herself. The doors of the Labyrinth creaked open of their own accord. She stared at them for a moment, then entered. The doors slammed shut behind her, with an ominous crash that echoed thru the passageway.

Ch. 10: Whisper These Things Aren't True

Jareth woke after a short sleep, feeling anything but refreshed. He felt even more exhausted than before. He slowly walked over to his crystal ball, which glimmered as the required picture began to form. Eeriene's face emerged from the smoky haze, somewhat. The image was faded and fuzzy, and he could barely make out anything of her surroundings. He tried to summon more power into the crystal's scrying abilities, but found that he couldn't draw enough power to clear the rest of the image. He sighed and slumped back on his bed, depressed. What was he to do? He had never before been without powers, except for before he came into the Labyrinth himself. This was a new concept to him, and he wasn't sure how to handle it.

He knew that Eeriene would be expecting great displays of power from him, and he just couldn't do it now. And, all those humans that he visited in their dreams, what would he do about them? Their dreams were as important to the belief of the Labyrinth as any. He left his chambers abruptly, going out into the great hallway that connected his rooms with the rest of the castle. He made his way to the throneroom, where, unusually, the goblins were quiet. There was no merriment or pranks today. They were all too scared of what was happening to the Labyrinth, and of their leader's apparent failure to keep the destruction at bay. They were like orphans waiting for a new home.

He slumped into his throne, not even bothering to regard the masses of goblins crowded around him. They looked at him in curiosity, then turned away. Some left the throne room, to carry on duties almost forgotten.

Eeriene continued her way thru the Labyrinth. It was eerily quiet, and it frightened her. Something was wrong, but she couldn't quite define the feeling. There were no goblins to burden her way, and no puzzling turns or changes at all. It was like the Labyrinth had died, and she was walking thru it's corpse. She placed her hand on the wall for balance as she ascended a small set of stairs. She drew back in surprise as her hand sunk partway into the wall. She quickly snatched her hand out again, and then heard a voice.

"'Allo!" She smiled. So here was the worm that Sarah had first met. It was odd though, because she was a lot further into the Labyrinth than Sarah had been when she had met the little fellow.

"Hello," she replied. The worm looked up at her, his eyes gleaming in delight. He moved sluggishly towards her.

"'Allo," he said again. His words were slightly slurred. "Something is happening...." he yawned and curled into a ball, apparently exhausted. "I dawn't know what, but something is wrong."

Eeriene couldn't think of what to say. A quote from a David Bowie song popped into her head.

"And only you, whisper these things aren't true..." Bowie sang wistfully in her head. Well, at least she wished that these things weren't true. But they seemed to be, they had the awful ring of truth.

Ch. 11: The Oubliette (So Long, Child)

Eeriene made her way thru the Labyrinth slowly, cautiously. It frightened her. She felt so lonely, and so exposed, wandering the passageways. She paused near the overhang to a small patch of forest. From this vantage point, she could see almost to the borders of the Labyrinth. But, she gawked surprisingly, the borders were no longer there. Only a black haze hung in the sky, filling the space where the borders had once been. She watched the black void move very slowly inwards, swallowing the Labyrinth in it's path. The sight chilled her to the bone.

The rock floor beneath her began to crumble. She stepped back in surprise, but wasn't quite quick enough. She plunged down into a dark hole in the rock. She hit a soft pile of rags at the bottom, thankfully. She glanced around. No doors. This must be an oubliette. She sighed. Just what she needed now. Where was a dwarf like Hoggle when she needed him?

Jareth watched as a fuzzy picture of Eeriene swirled in his crystal ball. It took so much energy just to hold that image there for him to see. He watched as she fell thru the stone to the cave of the oubliette below. She was trapped, for there was none among his goblins that would even dare to venture that far out into the labyrinth, especially not now. He sighed, and turned away from the crystal. The image faded abruptly.

Eeriene sat indecisively in the oubliette. Light filtered thru the hole in the ceiling, and she could see well enough. If she remembered correctly, there was always a way out of an oubliette. She just had to try to find it.

She tried to remember what had happened in the movie.

"What you gotta do is get out of here," Hoggle said. "And, it so happens that I know a shortcut out of the whole Labyrinth from here..."

No, that wasn't it. Further....

Hoggle drew back the dusty rags to reveal a wooden door. He lifted the door into a hollow in the wall, and with a click, opened it to reveal the passageway.

That's it, Eeriene finally remembered. She got to her feet and kicked the rags aside. Nothing but stone. She walked slowly around the oubliette, finally hearing her foot hit wood. She drew away the damp rags and lifted the wooden door carefully. She leaned it against the wall. It seemed to fit so naturally there. There was a little hollow in the door where the knob would be. She pressed down on the hollow and the door swung open with a click. Only a broom and pails fell out, the broom striking her on the head in its descent.

She sighed and rubbed the new bruise on her head. She closed the door, then pressed the hollow on the other side of the door. This time, it worked, sand she ducked thru the open doorway into a small passage. She was half expecting a goblin to jump out at her. But instead, she was met by only blackness.

Eeriene groped her way thru the passage. She emerged into a larger passageway, covered in cobwebs and fungi. Eyestalks careened towards her, looking her over. She felt her skin crawl, and she knew that she wasn't alone anymore.

Ch. 12: How Many Others Don't Believe?

"It's a piece of cake," a hardened voice whispered in the shadows. "But your new belief isn't enough."

Eeriene pressed her back against the damp stone wall. The light was dim, and she couldn't see more than a few feet in either direction. The voice spoke again.

"How many others don't believe?" the voice asked quietly. "How many when the fate of the Labyrinth itself hangs in the balance?"

"And the Labyrinth's inhabitants?" Eeriene asked softly.

"They are as doomed as the Labyrinth," the voice whispered brokenly. "As am I so doomed." The voice was sorrowful. Eeriene saw the glimmer of a crystal in the darkness.

And suddenly, she was alone again. A small crystal ball rolled to a stop at her feet. She picked it up gingerly and looked into it. The face of the Goblin King flickered in it for a moment, then the ball was clear. She looked at the crystal for a long moment, lost in thought. She then continued down the passage, her thoughts echoing the words of the voice.

"How many others don't believe?"

Ch. 13: Jareth's Musings

Jareth slowly got to his feet. That last sending had drained him more than he had expected. Eeriene believed, and that belief held the void back for a little longer. But, it wouldn't last for long.

The children believed, all the innocent children. Their belief was the strength that held the Labyrinth together. The story of the Labyrinth was fading from the human world, and little children rarely heard of him, or of Sarah, or Hoggle, or any of the other characters that inhabited this vast maze.

He leaned against the window frame, breathing in the fresh, cool air. It revitalized him somewhat, and he felt strong enough to leave the castle once more. A crystal flashed in his fingers, and he saw Eeriene, emerging from the depths of the lower Labyrinth. She seemed so innocent, he mused, but if she made her way thru the Labyrinth, would she do what he asked?

Ch. 14: The Glass Spider Had Blue Eyes Almost Like A Human's...

Eeriene's fear grew as she made her way closer to the Goblin City. Her footsteps echoed eerily on the stone floors. She was utterly alone. Even the Goblin King had not seen fit to come harass her. That was the oddest part of all.

Though Jareth had the aura of power around him, it was less than what she had expected, especially with what Sarah had to go thru. She entered a covered hedge pathway.

Almost immediately, she found herself ensnared in sticky silk. She heard a rustle ahead of her, and a scratching noise, almost like nails on a chalkboard. She tried to struggle free of the silk, but her bonds only tightened. Then the spider came into view.

Jareth reclined on his throne. Eeriene's belief and fear of the Labyrinth was strengthening him. He turned to regard the crystal ball perched in its stand. Mist swirled and parted to reveal the image of Eeriene, trapped in the sticky silk of the glass spider's web. The spider itself was mechanical, a magical sentry that guarded the inner passageways. He watched impassively as the spider twined silk around Eeriene's trapped form.

Her face was pale with fright, and she struggled vainly. Tired of her movements, the spider pricked her with its sharp fangs, injecting a small amount of poison into her blood. She slumped, but not before looking up at the spider, and muttering a few words.

"Blue eyes...." she whispered softly.

Ch. 15: The Spider's Lair

The Glass Spider lifted the webbed form of Eeriene and carried her into its lair. The cave was long and narrow, with a few nooks and crannies. The spider deposited her in one of these crannies, and left her to awaken on her own.

Eeriene awoke with a splitting headache. Her heart fluttered with fright. She couldn't believe that she was still alive! She wondered how much time she had left to solve the Labyrinth. She tried to move her arms, but she couldn't budge even an inch. She could see just a little ways ahead of her, but otherwise, the scene was black. She wondered where the spider had taken her.

Jareth watched Eeriene in his crystal. She was frightened enough, but not desperate yet. He needed her desperate, if he was going to be able to properly use her to his own ends. He called in the glass spider.

The Glass Spider came to Jareth's call, and he commanded it to do with Eeriene as it will. The only objective was to waste the remaining 4 hours of Eeriene's time in the Labyrinth. Jareth laughed, and watched as Eeriene's face grew pale in his crystal ball as the Glass Spider came towards her.

Ch. 16: Word On a Wing

Jareth summoned the old wise woman that evening. The throne room was surprisingly empty, and a small table had appeared for the wise woman to use.

He waited impatiently for the wise woman, sprawled in his throne. He twirled a crystal ball absently thr his fingers, until he heard the clanking step of the goblin guard.

"The wise woman, Mytheer," the goblin announced. Jareth dismissed the guard with a wave of his hand. The small goblin woman, Mytheer, shuffled forward and curtsied to the Goblin King. She straightened and scrutinized him for a few long moments.

"You are troubled," she stated abruptly. Jareth rose from his throne.

"Then show me your wisdom, Mytheer," he said, with a brief smile. Mytheer cackled.

"Certainly my king," she replied, holding out her knarled hand for payment. Jareth obliged and tossed her two silver pieces, which she caught deftly. She tucked them away in her pocket and shuffled over to the table.

She drew a ragged bundle from her pouch, and unfolded the cloth to reveal a worn pack of tarot cards. She handed them to Jareth to shuffle, which he did easily. He was very used to this routine.

Mytheer cut the cards and laid out the spread, a variation on the Celtic Cross spread. Jareth paced the throne room, impatient for Mytheer to interpret the meaning of the cards. He was desperate to know the future in store for the Labyrinth, and for him.

Ch. 17: Twelve O'Clock

Eeriene huddled in a corner of the Glass Spider's lair. Her way was blocked by strands of sticky spider silk. The Glass Spider clattered around in the outer region of the stone cave that served as its lair. She could feel the strong magic that hummed thru the stone.

The Glass Spider chittered, and it moved slowly towards the inner part of the cave. Eeriene shrank back into a small hollow and tried to stay hidden. Of course, it was no use, because the Spider knew where she was anyway.

The Glass Spider approached Eeriene slowly, still chittering noisily. It crouched its pale bulk gracefully near her. It extended one thin leg and touched Eeriene's cheek, looking at her with sad blue eyes.

The eyes made the Spider seem kind, but Eeriene was still unsure. Its slender fangs glittered, as if in warning. The Spider saw her glance and seemed to nod in understanding. Its eyes shone with good humor. It lifted one leg and a glowing blue cloud began to form. Eeriene watched with fascination.

Jareth scryed for Eeriene with his crystal ball. Again and again, he came up with nothing. It didn't make sense! He had seen Eeriene in the Glass Spider's lair just a few minutes ago, before Mytheer's tarot reading.

His thoughts drifted, and he remembered what Mytheer had said...

"Sire, you cannot save the Labyrinth alone," Mytheer stated, after carefully studying the cards. "You are far too arrogant, my king, and that could be your downfall."

"Bloody hell!" Jareth swore. Who was the one to help him? Was it Eeriene? he wondered. He glanced up at the clock absently. She had one hour left. He looked into his crystal ball once more.

He searched the entire Labyrinth. He saw the black void, which hadn't retreated. It had engulfed even more of the Labyrinth. Regardless of how much he searched, Eeriene was still missing. She wasn't in the Labyrinth!

His head jerked up as he heard quiet footsteps coming down the hallway.

Ch. 18: Morning Star You're Beautiful

The door to the throne room swung open. A light breeze ruffled Jareth's ahir, and he leaned forward in his throne, clecnching a crystal ball.

Eeriene stood in the doorway. Instead of her jeans, she was dressed in a flowing white robe. Her pendant glowed blue, the same shade as her eyes, which were wide with fright.

Jareth was stunned. He stood, his white feather cloak fluttering around him. His features paled as he saw what lay behind her.

The black void had advanced almost to the door of his throne room. It sent a chill thru him. His gaze was distracted by Eeriene. She raised her hand, and the blue glow of magic spread down her arm from her pendant. She turned and pointed into the void. A stream of magical energy left her and plunged into the void. The darkness seemd to retreat. The magic streamed endlessly from her and the void retreated. Jareth watched in awe until he realized that Eeriene was tiring rapidly.

He moved behind her and grasped her waist, pulling her against him and supporting her as she slumped. He could feel her strength leaving her. Perhaps she was the one to save his Labyrinth after all, he mused. He closed his eyes and grasped her tightly, sending a pulse of white energy into her.

Eeriene's eyes opened as the energy flooded her senses. Doubled with the Glass Spider's wisdom, she released a magical bolt stronger than any before.

She heard all the cries of awed children as they listened to the story of the Labyrinth, and the soft voices of the adults and babysitters. She heard the voices of the Labyrinth creatures; the goblins, fireys, and even that of the worm, all adding to the power of faith that held the void at bay, and drove the blackness from the land.

Then she heard the Goblin King's cry, a gutteral plea, rising in harmony with her own. The magic was so bright that it blinded her. The magic circled the void and invaded it, until the entirety of the void glowed as white as the magic itself.

Then, it was gone.

The Labyrinth was restored, and a bright star dawned on the horizon. Eeriene slumped back, her knees finally giving way. Jareth crumpled with her, and they lay in an embrace. Eeriene heard a song in her mind, just before they slept the sleep of the untroubled.

"Morning star you're beautiful, yellow diamond high...."


Eeriene woke to find herself in Jareth's embrace. She sighed and leaned back. This was just what she'd dreamed on Earth, to wake up with the Goblin King at her side. She could barely believe all that had happened to her in the past....

She looked at her watch. Over thirteen hours had passed.

"I guess that I'm staying in the Labyrinth," Eeriene murmured to herself. Jareth stirred.

The Goblin King opened his eyes slowly. He felt his strength returning. He smiled, and glanced at Eeriene. A mystified expression came over his features.

"How did you do what you did?" he asked her. She grinned.

"The Glass Spider did it all," she said quietly. "She gave me the wisdom, and the voices of all those that believed in the Labyrinth deep down. That's what defeated the void." Jareth nodded in sudden understanding.

"But I thought that the Glass Spider was merely a mechanical guardian," he remarked. "Though she's been here since I gained the throne of the Goblin King."

"The Glass Spider has been here since the beginning of the Labyrinth," Eeriene replied serenely, the memory of the Glass Spider in her mind. "She is its guardian, in a sense. The Labyrinth is like her child."

The Goblin King sighed. He shifted closer to Eeriene.

"You realize that you have to stay in the Labyrinth," he said, his voice low and seductive. He laughed, and Eeriene smiled.

"It's not such a bad thing," she replied quietly. A tear ran down her cheek, and she smiled and moved closer into Jareth's embrace. Her dreams had come true.

In her mind, David Bowie sang:

"...No one else could do it for me, I'm in tears again...."


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