Teenage Wildlife


by Astre

:ok, now see. and maybe it was the cold what got to me. green lights flash and the blue screen glares blue screens which should have come to take me away by now. and this is not the time nor place for this my dear, its sleep whom i would like to see and not you. but this is the way of it, and you feel you deserve an explanation and i feel for some inexplicable reason that i should provide you with one. ill pay the bill in the morning. its cold outside but my head is hot and i have put this off once too many times to ignore it again.

to begin, which i am not so sure i should for i shall never finish.

outside outside. and david, where are you now Burgess is dead and the madmen (who are the sanest) wait for me in the hallway. they want an explanation.

anyway, as i am wont to say

it was a fine, fine night miranda and the stars dripped their crystals in my eyes and i rubbed my dripping irises to rid myself of them. up i stared but alas - no ship was earth bound. and such a fine night. i missed the flight to mars. or perhaps it has not come yet. arrival before departure. no, no i departed long ago and thru no will of my own.

up i stared but alas Ziggy was dead, my friends in the vacuum were gone and i had fallen to earth. what the hell was i to do here, miranda? Go find thra, you said, in the labyrinth's heart. and oh, miranda here i begin my tale that i should not tell that i could not tell that can never be told and that no one knows not even me for i wont let myself remember. telling ruins all my wise philosopher friend once told me but tell i must, miranda, though now i am afraid.

and all i can think is silver balls, silver balls, being that they dangle in the sky and oh how they dangled in my brain till i should have liked to crush their glass cases. and gulliver rode about in my brain too until i could scarce bear it and shot up and out, out, out. why could not i go? oh, why must dreams be so? the angel man stared at me blank. and where is the rain? i want a warm sunny day with loads of rain. and so i scrunched my brain and it appeared. and the angel man says to me, "and the rain sets in; my dear, your deranged." no says i, but i should like to be. well, well and what goes around comes around said the silver balls. mock mock mock. but no. and falling as i was i failed to see that which wasn't there anyway, hence my present state. it was all in my head.


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