Teenage Wildlife

Life On Mars

by BowieManiac

Zigstar lazily sat down in his silver, soft-cushioned chair. He was as bored as ever, floating aimlessly thru outer space in his SpaceCruiser. He ran a hand thru his spiked-at-the-top, bright red, shoulder-length hair and swiveled the chair around to face the huge picture window that made up one of the walls of the SpaceCruiser. He glanced at a computer screen and saw that he was in the Milky Way Galaxy, headed for the planet Mars...his home planet.

"Hmmm...I could stop there for awhile..." he thought. "I'll just put the SpaceCruiser on autopilot and rest for a few..." He yawned and turned the chair back around. He leaned back in the chair and shut his eyes, not knowing that the back of the chair was leaning on a large, red button...

About five minutes later, a loud wailing noise awoke Zigstar.

"YEEEEEOOOOOWWWW!!!! SHUT UP!" he yelled at the SpaceCruiser. He looked around wildly. The flashing red lights and the alarm made it near impossible for him to think. He put his hands over his ears and looked over at a large computer screen. Before he could read anything on the screen, a computerized voice said, "Impact with planet Earth in 10 minutes and counting..."

"Earth?!" Zigstar shouted. "NO!!"

He remembered his last time on Earth. It had been a disaster. People had laughed at his Spaceboy uniform...and his ship...they thought he was some kind of FREAK! And all he wanted was to get a vanilla milkshake from a nearby McDonald's...

"Five minutes..." the computer said.

Zigstar fainted dead away. Then he realized that he had to pilot the Cruiser. He got up and looked around. He saw Earth growing larger in the picture window. Zigstar shuddered in disgust.

"One minute..."

He grabbed the control stick and pulled up.

"Thirty seconds..."

Zigstar shouted in frustration and ran to a control panel. He pushed a few buttons, hoping to find some way to slow his fall.

"Ten seconds...nine...eight..."

He pushed another button and a parachute came out of the top of the ship. Zigstar covered his eyes, fell to the floor, and...

The ship touched the ground slowly; just strong enough to send a mild jolt thru the SpaceCruiser. Zigstar stood up and walked to the door. He pushed another button and the door slid down.

There was thick, graey smoke everywhere outside. Zigstar coughed and waved his arm around, trying to clear the smoke away. He appeared outside of the smoke, confused and scratching the top of his head. He went around to the back of the ship to see what was wrong.

He saw that the ship was missing the plasticized space modulator-a part that could only be found on Earth.

He sighed in disgust with the thought of having to stay on Earth for even a short while.

Zigstar went back in the ship and went to his bedroom. He took off his Spaceboy uniform and put on clothes that made him look kind of like an Earthling. He didn't want to make a fool out of himself like last time.

He walked out of the ship and outside. He had been lucky enough to crash in a big, empty field. No one had seen him. Zigstar started walking towards a city, totally clueless as to where he should start looking for the space modulator.

He walked into the city, staying close to the buildings on the sidewalk. The people who saw him didn't say anything, but most raised an eyebrow at his wild red hair.

Zigstar stopped at a corner and looked around. "Hmmm...shopping mall... grocery store...newsstand...McDonald's...!!" he thought, thinking of a milkshake. "Yummy!" Zigstar ran across the street and into the McDonald's restaurant.

When he got in, he ordered his vanilla milkshake right away.

"Eighty-nine cents," the cashier said.

Zigstar panicked.

"Money...money...uhhmmmm..." he thought. He reached into his back pocket, hoping to find some Earth-money. He ALWAYS carried Earth-money, in case of emergency. Zigstar sighed with relief and pulled out a dollar bill. He gave it to the cashier, told him to keep the change, and took the milkshake to a table.

He sat down and sipped his delicious, thick vanilla milkshake. His eyes surveyed the restaurant. He looked at the other people, the ads on the walls and windows, then looked outside. Finding nothing very interesting, he shifted his gaze down to the milkshake cups. He looked at the straw. He looked at the milkshake again, then the straw. Zigstar suddenly realized something.

"This is it!!" he shouted, jumping up off his chair. He looked around at the people staring at him. He managed a bashful grin out of the corner of his mouth, then ran out of the restaurant.

He ran all the way back to his ship in the field. He went to the back of it and looked in. Zigstar gulped down the rest of the milkshake, giving himself a NASTY ice creame headache. He didn't notice the pain, tho. He was too excited. He tossed the cup to the ground, saving the straw. The straw was the plasticized space modulator the ship needed. He put the space modulator inside the ship. Then he went inside.

He pushed a button on the control panel and the ship groaned, trying to get started. He pressed it a few more times, and the ship finally started up. Ignition flames burned the grass around the ship.

As the SpaceCruiser rose into the blackness of space, Zigstar sat down in his chair. He closed his eyes. He imagined being back on Mars, for a short visit...

He opened his eyes and went into the bedroom, pushing a button as he left the control room. The button caused the ship to stop in midair and hover there in space.

Zigstar took off the Earthling clothes that he hated so much, and he got back into his Spaceboy uniform. He fell backwards onto the bed and immediately fell asleep.


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