Teenage Wildlife


by Erika Saenz

She was just an average alien girl off on a planet of her own - the planet she named FROG. Each animal was mutated with loving care. The tin-foil butterflies were among the most abundant. A giant frog was the only amphibious creature that lived in the caves of the lush rainforest section of the planet.

The other creatures were still being genetically mutated in the laboratory floor of Starluck's crystal palace in the underground caves of the desert portion of FROG. She was all alone, the only humanoid creature on FROG. She had landed on it and found it teaming with plants that thrived off of sparkling clear water but not a single animal was in sight. So she "borrowed" a few DNA samples from her father's laboratory before selling all of her belongings to buy herself a cobalt-blue rocket ship with green tinted windows and soft grey upholstery. She left to find a planet all for herself and she found in an unknown system of a vast galaxy. She named its sun Bob and she named one of its twelve planets FROG. She was too busy splicing genes to think about naming any of the others UNTIL....

....In the farthest sector of the galaxy she inhabited, an Earthling ship was on its way to Mars carrying with it a very depressed Major Tom. He was a national hero for getting off the ground and past the moon, but he was sentenced to death because, little did they know, that something was to go horribly wrong.

Suddenly, a tiny spark had started near the oxygen tanks and it soon became larger and larger. Slowly eating all available oxygen. The guys at N.A.S.A. tried desperately to warn him of his untimely death.

Starluck, who happened to pass by her sector radar, saw a tiny blip that was enough to get her attention. Her computer's sensors read that that tiny ship was carrying life (a very depressed Major Tom). She set aside her splicing equiptment (where she was synthesizing tea) and ordered a full scale read-out on the Earthling ship.

She found out that Major Tom was slowly dying of suffocation. Her eyes widened and she bolted to her ship to save poor Earthling Tom. In moments, she was hovering over the tiny ship where she beamed up Major Tom into the cockpit and left quickly before the ship imploded.

Major Tom's eyes slowly began to open and they were nearly blinded by Starluck's Technicolor space-suit looking very much like a body-suit with a long zipper down the left side. She wore cobalt blue patented Arse-Kicking boots. Her suit's iridescence made her look a bit like an aura. She held her cobalt blue helmet in her arms.

"Where the hell am I?" Major Tom gave a frown to reveal perfect white teeth that were attractively vampiric.

"Aren't you David Jones?" Starluck raised a brow.

"Er, yes, well-" Major Tom boggled.

"Well what?"

"Wait a minute! Who are YOU!?"

"I'm Starluck and you're on the planet FROG."

"Oh, God," groaned Tom,"What galaxy?"

"Milky Way," Starluck shrugged,"It was the only one with TONS of uninhabited systems."

"Why am I not surprised?" Tom chuckled and looked about to find himself on a luxurious bed with linen sheets.

"This is a beautiful place," he commented.

"Thanks," Starluck smiled,"It's my underground palace."

"What's it made out of?"

"Crystal," Starluck placed her helmet on the jade lamp table,"It was easier to synthesize and less destructive than using trees. I can easily form crystals in my laboratory."

"A crystal palace ,eh?" Tom thought to himself.

"Yep, mostly quartz, amethyst, and citrine. I'm currently making a few animals to decorate the surface with. I just recently released a swarm of tin-foil butterflies and a giant frog to control their population."

Major Tom just thought to himself silently. His blue suit was charred and tattered and his blonde hair was matted.

Starluck thought it would be best if he washed and put something clean on. All she had for him was a grey suit that her father had left in the suitcase when she took it to pack her clothing seasons ago.

"You look like the Nazz in that!" she smiled.

"The what?" Tom tucked in his shirt tail.

"The Nazz," she said,"that's what we call our leader. The High Nazz of Rolling Greens. He's practically WORSHIPPED back at home!"

"Why?" Tom slipped on his jacket.

"He was an excellent orator. He was practically a poet! He cold move his subjects to do practically anything! If he could SING he'd be god!"

"A god, eh?" Tom furrowed his brow in thought,"I'll have to remember that word; nazz."

"Like I asked previously, aren't you David Jones?" Starluck inquired.

"Err," Tom gave an awkward grin,"yes, I was trying to prove a point to the world that this whole space-race thing was for politics and not for science. I was going to bounce around Mars and then tell everyone who I really was."

"It didn't work out that way, did it?" Starluck laughed.

"No, I guess not. By now, they've found Major Tom tied up at N.A.S.A.'s broom closet. The press is probably questioning him."

"Let's check it out," Starluck led David by the hand and turned on the space-aged television set.

Everyone thought that David Bowie/Jones was dead and all of his followers grieved. Bowie looked on with a solemn face. Soon, commercials came on and Starluck got up to continue synthesizing her tea.

Bowie found a pack of cigarettes in his pockets and lit one up. He placed it gently in his mouth and smoked silently staring at the television set.

"I can't be dead," he took the cigarette from his mouth and shoved a hand in his pocket,"No, I've still got too many things to try out with my music."

"Have you ever tried singing about space?" Starluck clinked bottles here and there.

"Er, no, I mostly sing about love and things like that," he took another drag and coughed a bit.

"You should try to sing about space, I listen to the radio a lot and all those love songs drive me nuts! They are too overdone," Starluck shrugged.

"So," Starluck sighed,"I take it you want to go back now?"

"Oh, don't get me wrong," David held out a hand,"I love this place, but I have to go."

That same day, Starluck flew to Earth and dropped David in a capsule in the English Channel. Years passed by and Starluck remained the same due to her genetic experiments on immortality. Now, in present day, Starluck came to Earth in search of David Bowie in hopes of finding him again.

THE END.....(Rather abrupt, but I got a sequel!).....


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