Teenage Wildlife

Scary Monsters

by JadeOwl
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Chapter 1

The woman was completely silent as she slipped her thin body through the door. Sooner than a second had passed before she had secretly entered into the large building. She darted and weaved through the massive crowd, disgusted and enthralled with the sweaty bodies that jumped and swayed to the music in the air. And then she saw him, a single light in a mass of darkness. His body was as lean as hers and almost similarly built. Like her, he was a gaunt pale creature with strange bewitching eyes and a wicked playing grin. She swallowed a growl of anticipation;this was going to be fun.

She ran her hand through her mane of silky raven hair and pushed her way into front row. Glitter was everywhere. It got in her eyes and made her angry.

"Stupid mortals,"she hissed, wiping away the flecks with one swipe. She looked up to see she was now merely a meter away. She closed her eyes and listened to the deep throbbing rythym of his accented voice. Swaying, she let her mind go to different places, different times. Through his lyrics, she somehow remembered the times before she was a child of the night. When she was a child in England, the sky was so blue."That's what day looks like,"she mumurmed. And she recalled a face-her mother's face. After that, the woman gave in to her memories and let herself relive her centuries old past. She watched as her mind flashed endless nights of searching for blood, lusting, killing, wishing she could finally rest and sleep forever. Suddenly it all ended as the song faded out and applause errupted from the crowd that surrounded her. She opened her ebony slanting eyes to see he was looking at her. She smiled and crossed her slender arms. He seemed amused at that; here all the others were screaming and this one woman was just standing there. While he was still paying attention, she traced her blood red lips with her tongue. He arched an eyebrow, smiled, and turned his attention to the rest of his fans.

She trembled for no reason,"God he's beautiful,"she mouthed with her full lips. She smiled. He said goodbye to his fans and waved playfully in her direction. Everyone cheered and slowly streamed out. She blended into the crowd and slipped past them and backstage."Play time,"she cooed as she gracefully strode through the labyrinth of props and instruments. She spotted what she was looking for, a single door with the words,"Dressing Room", on it. She stepped into the shadows and watched. Just as her predatory senses had told her, the blonde man slipped into the room. She waited, eyes locked on the door patiently. After several minutes, he emerged and headed to a exit. She followed his steps out the door and into the night.

Chapter 2

He looked behind him;he swore he heard the clicking of high heels on pavement. He shrugged and pulled his thick jacket around him tightly. He puffed on his cigerette,exhaled and blew white smoke into the cold night air. He stopped in his tracks, he knew he'd heard it that time."David, you're going paranoid,"he lashed out at himself. He walked brusquely to the awaiting limosine sitting in the parking lot. It sat there, hulking like a monster under the full moon. Bowie laughed,"Scary." He tapped on the window, alerting his chauffer to his prescence. The driver nodded behind the grey tinted window and David opened the backseat door with ease. He got in and started to close the door, but a long leg stopped him. He glanced up in surprise to see a frail looking woman with large exotic eyes, wearing a skin tight black velvet dress. She had blocked the door from being closed with her right leg, and she was pleased to see he found it entertaining.

"Excuse me,"she said quietly,"Could you tell me where forty-second street is, I seem to be lost."

He scratched his chin a second,"I believe it's two blocks that way, wait, are you thinking of walking there alone, Miss?"

She felt the edge of her mouth lift into a smile,"Actually, yes, and the name's Salem, Salem Donovan."

He swung one of his legs out the car and rested a hand on his left thigh,"Well, Salem,"he puffed on his cigerette and threw it out into the parking lot,"I'm-"

She threw back her head and laughed,"I know who you are,"she stepped on the burning cigerette and crunched it underneath her sharp heel.

He softened his angular face with a grin,"Well, that's nice to know. As I was going to say, would you like a ride there?"

She gave herself a mental pat on the back,"Why, yes, but only if it's no problem."

"It's no problem at all,"he said curtly and moved over on the seat so she would have enough room. She took her place on the soft plush seat, stroking it with her long fingers."It's so soft,"she mumbled.

David nodded absently,"She sure is beautiful, seems like I've met her before,"he thought, and corrected himself,"Not that it means anything." He looked at her out of the corner of his eye, she had closed the door and was now pulling down the hem of her dress. Salem smiled when she noticed him staring, she crossed her legs slowly.

"So,"he started up the conversation,"Have you been in New York long?"

She smoothed out the wrinkles in her dress, hoping he was still watching,"Not long, but I must say, it has a very wild night life."

He laughed,"what makes you say that?" She looked into his eyes,"Well, it's not often you catch a ride with a famous rock star...that's pretty wild."

He crinkled his nose playfully,"Which famous rock star? do I know him?"

She rolled her eyes and slapped him on the leg,"Guess!"

He sat and pretended to ponder,"Could it be...Elton?No, no, I bet it was good ole' Mick!"

She twirled a lock of black hair around her forefinger,"Keep guessing..."she shifted her body until she was facing him.

He smiled and got out another cigerette and prepared to light it,"Want one?"

She shook her head no,"Nasty habit. never have, never will."

He nodded,"Yes, it is nasty indeed, but if your born to be a smoker, then you will die a smoker."

Salem looked at the ceiling of the car and then him,"Maybe just one."

He obliged, handing her the white stick,"Just one,"he tried not to smile,"That's what they all say."

She put the cigerette into her mouth and stared at him. "Oh yes, it would help if I actually lit it,"he chuckled and pulled out a lighter. He flicked it on and placed the dancing flame on the end of the stick, then he did the same to his own.

She took a long puff and blew out,"That was a hell of a concert."

David stuck the cig between his thin lips. He rolled it around his mouth with his tongue,"Thanks, I knew I recognized you from somewhere..."

She pushed lightly on his chest,"Hey, nobody forgets Salem Donovan!"she laughed, and soon he was laughing too. He wondered why he was enjoying this so much.

chapter 3

David rolled his neck and popped his knuckles,"It's been a long night."

Salem pushed the hair out of her eyes."You haven't seen anything yet,"she whispered to herself. Suddenly David spotted something out the window,"Driver, stop a moment." The chauffer slowed down the limo and came to a halt in front of a late night coffee shop. "Would you like to go in for a bit?"he motioned outside.

Salem winked at David,"You bet, stranger." Soon the two figures were out into the street and into the flourescent lit cafe. Salem led the way to a dark booth in the back. She sat down quickly and David followed.

A weary waitress with bags under her made-up eyes gruffily walked up to them,"And what would you two be having?"

David clicked his tongue,"I'll have a decaf with one sugar."He looked over to Salem.

She twisted her hands in her lap,"I changed my mind, I'm not up for coffee."Her stomach lurched,how could humans drink that! She turned up her nose disdainfully and tried to find intrest in an old newspaper that had been left on the table.

David watched the waitress slug her way back to get the coffee. He turned down to see the girl scanning a paper."When are you leaving our exeburant city?"

She looked up,"Oh, I don't know...probably as soon as I get through with some unfinished business."she smiled to herself.

David reached up his arms in a yawn and stretched,"You know, I don't even know what you do for a living..."

Salem thought quickly,"I'm in...I mean, I'm an actress. Well, more of an aspiring actress."

"You look like an-"his words were cut off by the ill- tempered waitress who sat down the decaf coffee. He pulled out his wallet and paid her."Thanks...never lose that sense of humor, ya' hear,"he joked. The waitress rolled her eyes and half-walked, half-hobbled away.

"As I was saying,"he sipped some of the coffee,"You look like an actress..I mean, you should definately be in movies."

Salem smiled,"I bet you say that to all the girls you give rides to."

"Nah, only the cute ones."

Salem giggled, despite herself,"You are such a cad, sir!"

David took another sip of coffee and glanced at his watch."Damn.."he muttered.

"What is it?"

He sighed and sat down the coffee,"I've got to catch an early plane tomorrow...me and my wife are vacationing in Europe for our honeymoon."

Salem's happy expression fell, but she tried to remain cool and confident,"Oh...what time is it that you *must* report to the airport?"she accentuated 'must' as if mocking his sudden mention of following plans. She hoped that it made him change his mine.it didn't.

"Exactly six hours from now,"he yawned and began to lift himself out of the booth,"It was wonderful meeting you, dear Salem, I hope our paths cross again..."

Salem stood up and let her lower lip stick out in a pout,"Aww...such a pity-"

David laughed,"You know, you say that even better than me. Now let's get you safely to that destination of yours."

Salem nodded, secretly raging with disbelief that he was brushing her off. She curved her lips in a bitter smile and headed out the cafe and to the limo waiting outside.


The chauffer pulled up next to a ramshackle building and broken down car."This is it,"he yelled to the two backseaters.

"Great neighborhood,"David said wryly, examining the grafiti covered walls to his left and right.

"Well, like I said, I'm an aspiring artist..and so I don't make a whole lot of money-"

"I thought you were an aspiring actress,"he interrupted.

Salem smiled, quite embaressed at her fluke,"Er...I am both really...but more of an artist."

"Oh,"he rubbed his chin,"I'd love to see some of your art works, what is your prefered media?"

She thought quickly,"I am a painter, that is, I mostly do paintings."

His face took on a light of interest as he watched Salem open the car door to leave.

She noticed and saw her chance,"Would you like to come up to my apartment studio and check out some of the paintings?It'll only take a minute or two at most."

He seemed torn between wanting to rush home to the warmth and security there, and wanting to venture to this beautiful woman's home to see her art.

"Only for a minute," he announced, following her out the door.

Salem raised the side of her mouth in a joyous smirk, "That's what they all say."


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